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    My Dream Wedding

    I stayed at city view hotel for the 7 days i was in HK in april. Still ok. Not very far. Take the subway. Its convenient though have to wake up earlier. For hotels near to the mona lisa studio, i do not have any ideas. =)
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    Amara Santuary Vs One Degree 15 Marina (Sentosa)

    Sentosa cove. Go google lo.
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    Amara Santuary Vs One Degree 15 Marina (Sentosa)

    One Degree is not bad. just had my wedding there on the 8 Oct 2011. All the guests commented that food very nice, venue very nice etc...
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    JP - Dr Phua Tan Tee

    I had my rom on 8 Oct 2011 on the same day as my wedding... He was late so theres some delay and my guests for dinner waited for quite long and i missed out mingling and taking photos with my parents and guests. But no doubt, he is a good JP. He created laughters and tears.... i booked him one...
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    Hi Basker, me also thinking where will be afforable and good to stay in new york. i heard from my frens who works or study there sayin staying in new york city is quite exp. unless u stay at brooklyn,NY or Queens NY. Me also still researching..
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    My Dream Wedding

    HX (nixi018) : My PS was taken at HK not Singapore so my PS MUA is from HK.
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    Advice needed on F&E Honeymoon in USA for coming DEC 2011 **

    Yup, we are goin. 19th Dec will fly to buffalo to go Niagara falls and mayb go over Ontario. Will see how...
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    Advice needed on F&E Honeymoon in USA for coming DEC 2011 **

    Hi, I had booked my flight SIA for 10 dec 2011 to fly to new york. From there will fly to orlando and enjoy the theme parks first den 19 Dec 2011 fly to buffalo den after that back to new york . Will still think where can we go before settling down in new york for christmas...
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    My Dream Wedding

    HX: Whos ur Mua for ur PS?
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    "si dian jin (四点金)"

    Me just had my GDL last sat. My mum gave me 10 pieces gold. She gave me a box which sje went chinatown to buy for me to put the gold. My dad also gave me 10 gold... All in seperate boxes. Mum nv mention need to sew....
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    Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa

    Hi, sorry to dsiturb but can i enquiry how much a table for dinner in dec 2011? Thanks
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    The Sentosa, A Beaufort Hotel

    Hi all, can i check the dinner cost how much for this yr dec? Per table cost. thanks!
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    My Dream Wedding

    lala, u mean u feel disappointed with the gowns in hk?? Mayb diff ple diff ba. I super skinny so mayb to me most of the gowns i wore le look very nice. To me, i m spoilt for choices lo....
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    My Dream Wedding

    For PS in spore and AD, the gowns are different range... Of cos AD de will be nicer...
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    My Dream Wedding

    My AD date is 8 October 2011. I don have pic of my selected gowns.....
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    My Dream Wedding

    Btb: u asking me whens my date??
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    My Dream Wedding

    Btb: i think i know the cheongsam with dragon n pheniox u refering to. I tried it too but nv select... =) I selected another one that is tube type with dragon and pheniox too. My bf love it...
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    (2011/10) Oct 2011 BTB

    SMILEM : mayb u can post the pics here too..
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    Teochew bride marrying into a hokkien family *

    drop already to 66.50. Was 68.
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    Softcopies of pre wedding photoshoot

    This is wrong. All bs will give bk all the soft copies of selected photos...