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    Any JP or GL for recommendations

    Hi, Does anyone has JP Eric Wong's picture? Mind sending me pls? Thanks very much. Email : [email protected]
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    JP Mr Eric Wong

    Hi, Am planning to invite Mr Eric Wong for my ROM. Could someone please send me his picture? Email: [email protected]
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    Anyone Done Pebble Flooring?

    Hi.. I would like to get some pebbles for my planter. Any recommendation where to get? Thanks.
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    WMF Pots and Pans

    hi.. seems like WMF brand doesn't have very good review. any other good reliable brands to recommend for pots & pans? All dept stores seem to be carrying WMF. Where can I get AMC pots? Thanks.
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    Goodwood Park Hotel

    Jia Min.. tried to PM you but you have not activated it. Don't want to mention names here but the lady i met is the sales manager..very young lady.
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    Goodwood Park Hotel

    Hi gals... just want to share my experience. GWP was one of my top choice when I first started sourcing for a venue. But I find that the standard of service from the sales manager who attended to us really falls below expectation. She was late for half an hour for our second meeting, and when we...
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    Lively Wedding March-in Songs

    Hi, Can someone who have received the song " You are my first,my last and my everything" be kind enuff to email me at [email protected]. Thanks in advance!!!
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    Four Seasons Hotel

    Compassrose, Will there be different charges from the printer if we request to print on different card designs?
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    Four Seasons Hotel

    Hi Jo.. you've got mail!
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    Four Seasons Hotel

    Sunflower, I have sent you the 2007 package.
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    Goodwood Park Hotel

    hi... has benedicte left? who are the new coordinators at GWP? is it a jasmine lady?
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    Four Seasons Hotel

    buffet pricing is the same as set dinner i think. Elin, may I know which ballroom was the buffet you attended? Is it the small cresent ballroom? Wondering if there is sufficient space for set up of buffet line.
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    Four Seasons Hotel

    Hi.. I am considering having a lunch buffet at FS. Anyone had a buffet wedding there? Appreciate any feedback on the spread. Thanks!!!
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    Anyone bought from Lights Arcade in Balestier?

    Hi.. may i know how much discount did you manage to get from the first price quoted by light arcade? Just needed some gauge to negotiate discount. thanks heaps!
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    i am planning for a buffet wedding lunch and has been scouting around. The avg going rate for 4 - 5star buffet lunch start from $75+++ to $95+++/pax. N generally these lunch buffet package do not come with bridal suit, beers , wedding favors & other perks. So sure lose out if ang bao...
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    Advice Needed - How long should the march in songs be? ==

    oops.. forgot to give my email.. it's [email protected] thanks!
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    Advice Needed - How long should the march in songs be? ==

    Hi.. can u pls send me the Perfect Moment too? Thanks heaps!!
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    Goodwood Park Hotel

    Hi, Has anyone had a wedding buffet lunch at GWP? Any feedback on the buffet spread and the setting & ambience pls? Thanks lots!