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    Wife cheated on me...

    U probably need to have evidence of her cheating on you when apply for divorce as she may want u to pay her matrimony. You can accuse her of abandonment and ask for immediate divorce if necessary. If i were u i will confront her and let out your anger and frustrations on her for disappointing...
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    Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel

    Hi when is your AD? Im also nov 2016.. On the 12th
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    Wedding bands

    I feel the purpose of proposal ring is given when he actually propose to you. It doesnt serve any purpose if buy together with wedding rings.. Unless the so-called 'proposal ring' means alot to you, else no point wasting money. For me one ring rules all..simple. If u buy only one ring u can buy...
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    Grand Hyatt Singapore

    Dear, no hotel offers 700-800 per table...grand hyatt offers one of the expensive wedding banquets in sg at least 1900 per table for weekend dinner.
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    Selling White Mermaid with Sheer Back Lace Details Gown

    Hi just curious to know where did u make your gown?
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    Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel

    Hi still pending a reply on your statement here in this thread on sheraton hotel. Care to share?
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    Nov 2016 Brides

    Oh but the thing is i wont have jie mei as well quiet...i dont feel the need to have jie mei..only my htb side will have brothers
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    Nov 2016 Brides

    Hi for brides not doing gatecrashing, whats your program like? Will it be very quiet and maybe awkward?
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    Nov 2016 Brides

    So fast?? I haven start broadcasting my wedding date yet...
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    Nov 2016 Brides

    Wow which live band is that? Make sure i dont book him
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    Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

    Hi, u can email to the coordinator found on their website and say u wan to have a visit. They will definitely entertain you. Dont worry abt this.
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    Nov 2016 Brides

    Hi we all are budget brides haha.. Just that impulsive buys can lead to non-budget consequences
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    Nov 2016 Brides

    My mum referred to 'wan nian li' and 12/11 is gd for weddings. Me and fiance didnt go thru masters to calculate since we are not fussy about it.
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    Wedding budget checklist

    Hi can email me too [email protected]. Thanks!!
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    Nov 2016 Brides

    Hi my htb also said why i start planning so early and ive only booked banquet and bridal package. Unless u dont need an elaborated wedding, u can start planning after march. My advice is better to have an ideal gown design in mind as i see bridal shops offer different designs of gown and some...
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    WTS MDW & Custom Made Wedding Gown

    Hi im interested in where you custom make the dress. Appreciate if u can let me know. Thanks
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    Gown Rental

    Actually i do have a package from my dream wedding for actual day gown rental and mua (morning and night) for $1500 (exclude gst). Have already paid $800. Let me know if u're interested.
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    where to find life size standees for wedding

    Hi girl, u can google 'standee' and there will be supplier website listed there. Hope u find what u intended ☺️
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    Oct 2016 BTB

    Hi dont think so.. There are many more kiasu ones. I know a friend who has already book banquet and photoshoot for next year end wedding!!
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    Need advice for 提亲 with future in laws

    It is a tradition for males to bear everything when the females are huang hua gui nü or poor. If neither then i dont see why males shld bear all. Talking abt tradition, si dian jin is only applicable for teochew. Since now traditions all 'rojak' so everything shld be flexible. If ur gf doesn't...