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    JP Mr Eric Wong

    Hi, just want to check on signing of the consent form. When I contact Mr Wong a few months back, he told me to fax it back and give him a call when done. Now, I am about to fax and realised that there a box on the bottom right that say "Do Not Fax" as you need to hand over the form during...
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    Anyone had ROM at Sheratons Towers? Advise needed...

    DnA I am also exploring Sheraton. But there is only feedback on the banquet and nothing mentioned about the ROM lunch package. Haha....Don't know is that a good thing or not? When is your ROM?
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    ROM at Swissôtel Merchant Court

    Hi, need some advise here. For those of you who had your ceremony at the poolside, can you tell me what time was your ceremony? Mine will be at 2pm and I am not sure with the afternoon sun over your head, is it still advisable to have it at the poolside? Will it be too warm for comfort...
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    Actual Day Program. Need some guidance

    Hi, just want to clarify something. The customary "receive the bride back to the groom place by xxx hrs". the groom place refer to the groom parent place or the matrimomy house. All along, I thought it is the parent place cos it is like "receiving into the groom family", but just heard from...