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    I did my IPL hair removal at a home salon which is very reputable and private. She is so professional and understand what I want especially for private area.
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    Remove eye bags - inject filler or surgery??

    I think you should try RF (radio frequency) treatment first as it has less risk than injection filler or surgery. RF is also economical. You should look for a RF package.
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    Anyone gone for laser treatment for big pores?

    Laser treatment has downtime, better do it before long holiday/weekend. Otherwise everyone asks you what happen on your face.
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    best treatment for acne scars/enlarged pores?

    You need IPL treatment together with whitening products.
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    Good Facial House for Brides - Bridal Facial ?

    Bridal facial is an intensive program to boost the skin condition during the wedding period between photo shooting to wedding day. For example, skin tighetening, clear dark eyes, clear eye bags, acnes, blackheads, etc. I have a friend who sign up the program with her mom together and share the...
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    I have one faical salon that followed for some time in the west side. Very famous and reputable home salon.
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    IPL hair removal needs several times to lighten the hair growth. It cannot be just 1 time treatment.