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    [Help] Advice on buying bto flat

    Hi all May I check if anyone here can advise me the following please. 1. previously purchased 2 flats (1 bto & 1 resale flat) using HDB loan. Can I still apply for new bto flat? I couldnt find any ans in HDB’s website and the officer is not answering to my questions. The officer replied me...
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    Surrender of HDB due to Divorce

    Hi there I’m in the midst of a divorce proceeding and my ex spouse to be is not in the agreement to transfer the flat to me. Hence, probably we are looking to sell / surrender our flat. As such, may i seek some views in this forum if anyone has the following similar situation before? 1...
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    Divorce proceeding

    Hi Vernice 17 Likelihood your friend will receive letters from the lawyer’s firm.