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    Ad song for Soo Kee

    hi smallgirl, can share the song with me too?? [email protected] thanks alot
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    Dragon Gate Restaurant

    we took the $438 package..going to try the food after 7th month..
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    Dragon Gate Restaurant

    to purelyz wow ur AD cuming soon!!gong xi gong xi!! i also sign up with AD is on 31dec2005,i booked 30 tables n i was given the smaller ballroom.i heard that DG will let outsiders sit in the ballrm while the wedding dinner is going it true??
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    A few questions....from Gan Jiong Bride to Be

    hi poshies, can i have a copy too?? [email protected] thanks vvvv much...
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    DIY or Ready-Made Invitation card

    sorry jane,my email is [email protected] sorry to trouble you..
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    DIY or Ready-Made Invitation card

    hi,i am thinking of designing n printing of own invitation cards also..but don know how to start.. jane:can i have the email contact??
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    (2005) Brides of year 2005

    granva08:i also havent settle on my AD photography.thinking of using seletar broadway,but havent see the AD pict they took for other couples.maybe after cny go n have a look or wat loh... maybe u can communicate with ur hubby bro and tell him what style u prefer??
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    (2005) Brides of year 2005

    thanks for the applaud.....hehe.. hi granva08, ya!!we are fr the same when will u be going down to try the gowns??who is ur AD photographer?? hi cottoncandy, ya is me...hahahaha... i also hope i can huat cai coz cash strapped coz of the wedding...we both huat together lah."HUAT...
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    (2005) Brides of year 2005

    cottoncandy......gong xi ni ah!!!!!! wish you n ur hubby as loving forever!!!!
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    (2005) Brides of year 2005

    hi everyone here!!im also a dec bride.. AD:31 Dec 05 dinner venue:dragon gate restaurant BS:seletar broadway PS photography:seletar broadway Lovenest:seng kang btw,grace,i see fr the table that u are using seletar broadway as ur AD photography also.have u see their photos??do they also...
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    Village Hotel Changi

    can email me the wedding package?i need the ballroom type..if u don have,then can give me the hotel fax or email so i can contact them?? [email protected]
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    Club Chinois

    hi everybody. can i have a copy of the wedding package fr CC also??thanks alot.. [email protected]
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    Rendezvous Hotel Singapore

    anyone got the wedding package from this hotel??dont mind can email it to me at [email protected] thanks alot!!!
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    Furama Riverfront Singapore

    hi everybody,i am interested to hold my wedding banquet at novotel apollo also.but my wedding will only be in nov it too early to book now??and is there anyone here got any ideas whether the promotion will still be on till nov 2005 or if we book early b4 2004 then we will get that...
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    Armpit sweat

    Hi Veryblur, i think driclor should be quite effective..many ppl also dont want to shake hands with their wet palms that why they go to see dr..maybe u can get more info by visiting a GP??i blief he will give you a more detailed info... hope you can go n meet your guests with non sweaty palms....
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    Armpit sweat

    hi...just for u all information,i think driclor is not being used to prevent underarms sweating etc..instead it is being used on sweating palms...i used to work in clinic and the dr used driclor for ppl with sweaty palms...