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    Silhouette the Atelier

    pearl, can i take alook too? tks.
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    Makeup artist- Dily

    usually for jms and mothers make up. how elaborate can it go? is she good? what kind of products did she use? tks.
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    TG Goh - makeup artist

    can share pictures with me? [email protected] tks.
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    Makeup artist- Dily

    can i know which dily are the brides here talking about? i know there are 2 who different charges. please share. tks.
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    2 weeks slimming plan

    came across this thread and i am keen to im down as well. can any one sent me a pm or email me the package? [email protected]
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    Hi-Tech Hotstamping (AMK)

    any good and cheap printers to recommend for hot-stamping?urgently need it.tks.
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    AXXA design & print - good experience with them!

    i am keen too. please email me. tks.
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    Any Recommendation for Printers?

    anyone know where can i do hot-stamping(embossed,pop out type) at a reasonable price. i read from one of the threads that mould for hot-stamping is $40 and printing of each insert is 40 cents. any one can give recommendation.
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    T&T Instant Printing

    can i know what kind of printing is done in t & t?I prefer those embossed=hot-stamping type. Does t & t usually does those kind of printing or is it those photocopy piece by piece with no pop up wordings?
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    T&T Instant Printing

    grace : tks. how about map of hotel? my coordinator just email me the how am i going to show the person in t&t that I want the map to be printed as well? do i just print one copy out myself then show it to them? as for monogram, does anyone know where i can get the template or is...
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    T&T Instant Printing

    i am keen in having my own monogram in the insert. is it possible? how do i do it?
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    (2010) 2010 Brides

    hi,i have been searching for golden scissors address but cant find any. can any btbs let me know more the address?also, who should i look for?is it expensive? tks. [email protected]
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    (2009) Brides of year 2009

    tks pekochan and cheer. please email me the location when you have found out : [email protected]
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    (2009) Brides of year 2009

    not superfamous : tks. But i heard kingsmen charges quite high. I have a budget of only 300 since i need to do afew suits. Any idea if dickson is still operating in suntec. Heard gd feedbacks from forum-but that was a year or 2 back..
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    (2009) Brides of year 2009

    hi, can anyone share with me is there any place to make suits for brother and father? i am urgently looking for it. oh, i am a oct bride too.
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    Bookstyle wedding photos printing

    lissy : it's lovely. we have to do everthing from scratch? how long did you take to do yours? Do we have to enhance colour, photoshop and etc? Or we just copy and paste? Very new to this. Anyone can share more details?
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    Catholic Brides - Recommended Florist for Church Decor

    can i know if anyone engage florist to do up hotel ballroom? tks.
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    Duties of Ah Yees & Brothers on Wedding Day?

    Hi all Can i also have a non-church program list too. please PM me. Tks
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    hi eoj,had pm u.thanks.
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    A set of betsheet for actual day compulsory?

    lovie dovie : i am keen too. please pm me. thanks.