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    2019 BTB

    Hi all BTB, any idea where to have lunch about 15 pax after ROM at the center?
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    Mandatory parenting program

    I think it is a mandatory thing if you hav child below 21 years
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    Feeling so shitty!

    If u have decided divorce is the only option, and U have evidence of his adultery, that gives u the ground for filing divorce...
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    Can we choose JP if the ceremony is to be held at rom?

    Hi, will be having it done at ROM. Any idea if the JP automatically assigned when we file for ROM? Or we have to look for it ourself? Thanks
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    Outdoor location for pre-wedding photoshoot

    Thanks. May I ask your reason for the choice? [emoji2]
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    Outdoor location for pre-wedding photoshoot

    Which do you think is better or nicer? National Gallery Singapore? OR National Museum of Singapore?
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    Holiday Inn - Orchard

    Hi, mind to share the number of tables you booked and if the price is before gst?
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    Lost... What is love?

    I am feeling bit suffocated and insomnia, feeling the need to rant about potential Mother in law problems. HTB doesn’t seem to understand my concern and feel that I am being narrow minded. Why does he always sound as though all he has said are right and make sense and mine are not. am so...
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    Photography for ROM?

    Oops. so sorry that I wasn’t aware of this... newbies :-D
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    Lost... What is love?

    Hi lostmypurpose There is this saying that when a man and a woman get involved emotionally, it will naturally progress to physical, even though it is not the original intentions. This is from someone whom I know. I think he probably regretted it.
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    Photography for ROM?

    Do you happen to have name or contact of the photographer? Thanks
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    Photography for ROM?

    Our rom and customary will be on different day... that’s why thinking if we should engage a photographer for the actual day
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    Photography for ROM?

    Hi, me and HTB plans to have it done within the ROM with close relatives attending... Do you think it would worth hiring a photographer for the ROM? Got to know from the website that the whole thing may last 5 minutes, which is pretty fast. Would it be great memories that moment? Am thinking...
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    What’s the best credit card to pay for wedding banquet and have good rebates or mileage

    Hi, can anyone advise, which cc would give the best rebates when footing for wedding banquet bill? Thanks thanks.
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    WTS Seletar Broadway Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

    Hi! Yes, it includes photo editing (the selected photo will provided in the CD-ROM). The package is open date for 5 years from May 2018. Thanks.
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    WTS Seletar Broadway Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

    Hi, Selling @ $1592 due to changes in wedding plan. The packages includes: [emoji736] Make-up & hairdo styling [emoji736] 4 pcs studio gowns [emoji736] 3 pcs studios jackets [emoji736] 1 pcs flower bouquet [emoji736] 1 pcs photo album (open choice) 34 poses 10 x 12 inch [emoji736] Free...
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    Simple ROM

    Hi, must the groom wear shirt? Polo T and pants, can?
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    WTS Hotel Rendezvous Weekend dinner

    Hi, is the price inclusive is GST and service charge?
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    Wedding montage

    Thanks for sharing ;)