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    Preloved wedding gowns

    Hi I am selling off a few wedding gowns at 250 sgd each. Only the gold one is at 350
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    Picket and rail

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    sweetheart wedding gown

    Hi, I am trying to sell off some of my wedding gowns and other wedding items. Please PM me if you are interested in any of it. Thanks Gold evening gown for $450 (nego) White wedding gown $100 (the zipper clip is broken when i bought it, but still can zip) Cheongsum (bought it but did...
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    Picket and rail

    Hi everyone Im selling off my picket and rail vouchers, I have $1000 worth of vouchers. Please let me know if anyone wants it as I am trying to clear my vouchers.
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    WTS brand new gown

    hi still available?
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    selling 2 gowns

    white one has really long train
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    selling 2 gowns

    white one going for 100 gold one going for 450
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    selling 2 gowns

    Hi everyone i am selling off 2 of my gowns, not for fussy buyers The white one is good for photoshoot as the zip is abit spoilt, but is still abit to zip it up. It has a very long train, veil included. Good for UK 6. Selling at $100, ok to nego The gold one is tied up, good for photoshoot or...
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    hi I would like to know if it's possible to have a solmnization for about 30-35 pax for under 1k. no need for sit down lunch, canapes and catering are fine. any suggestions? thanks
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    Post wedding sales

    may i know how did you manage to tie the flowers to the car?
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    WTS Wedding package - Solemnisation + dinner at St Regis

    hi I am interested can u email me at [email protected]
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    Bridal Package for November 2017

    pm me regarding jessica cindy package. thank you
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    Letting go Wedding Banquet Dinner at Hotel RE! Ballroom (11/11/2017)

    is it possible to email me, my email is [email protected] thank you
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    gown for sale

    hi everyone bought this for $80 but doesnt fit me. willing to let it go at a cheaper rate. size of this should for a uk 6-8 I have another cheongsum that I bought from a bridal shop. its champange colour with gold prints design. it's a uk 10-12 which can be altered please pm me regarding...
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    WTB: 5 types of dresses for my wedding

    for the red one? 50 but nego
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    WTB: 5 types of dresses for my wedding

    I have this red one for photoshoot if you are keen
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    Letting go Red Qi Pao - Brand New

    what does it look like?