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    Renovation contracts

    Is there anyone based in Singapore, who knows of contracts attorney/legal team who would be able to go through contracts from renovation contractors / other specialists (like water specialist, etc), and be able to check and advise owners before signing contracts? Generally, contracts would be...
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    Lymphatic massage recommendations?

    Yes, still looking out for a good place to go to. Haven't had friends recommend any yet.
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    Lymphatic massage recommendations?

    Anyone has recommendations for body and face lymphatic massage places? Preferably comfortable ambience with no hard-selling of packages. And apart from lymphatic massage, any other massage place that does other types of massage for overall muscle tension/aches and stress-relief? Also trying to...
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    Currency exchange

    Hi all I am intending to exchange some Swiss francs and sterling pounds to SGD here in Singapore. Do money exchangers state that you need have a minimum amount of the foreign currency to exchange to SGD? Thanks.
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    Anyone has Burpple membership referral code?

    Hi all Is anyone a member of Burpple app (paid membership)? Anyone has promo codes for people who want to join it? For the offers/one for one deals. Thanks!
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    20 years relationship I can't loss him

    Erm no, let the guy go. There's too much past hurt and resentment and if he's not able to get past that stage, there's no point that you both continue to be in the relationship. Just let each other go. And also, don't try to cling on. Even if you do, he could also just be very bitter and hostile...
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    I may force to walk out of my baby and cut all ties

    Er... do you have any evidence of the threats via messages like 'i will kill you if.....' 'i will kill our child if you ever...' ? Better still, if you have any audio recording or try to have a vid recording if you can. If your wife is abusive and even use physical force like hitting you or the...
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    Bridesmaids and groomsmen angbao

    are you asking if the bridesmaids/groomsmen should give bigger angpao, or are you asking if the bridal couple should give the bridesmaids/groomsmen a bigger token angpao back in return? if you are asking about 'should the angpao from bridesmaid and groomsmen to the couple be bigger?'...
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    Bridesmaids and groomsmen angbao

    Yes the bridesmaids and groomsmen do give angpao. Even though the couple would give each of them a small token angpao too for helping out for the wedding, it means the bridesmaids and groomsmen would "earn back" a small portion of what they gave to the couple as angpao for the wedding.
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    Any Pet Grooming service to recomend..

    Sorry to tag on, does anyone know of good grooming services for cats? It's a bonus if the salon provides transportation too. Thank you!
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    Venues for buffet lunch/dinner?

    Hi BTBs/graduated brides, anyone has good recommendations for venues that lets you cater your own buffet lunch/dinner? Hit me up with your suggestions, please! :) Thanks.
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    Fat transfer procedure?

    It's possible for you to move excess fat from your thighs and tummy, up to your chest. This especially helps women who are done with breastfeeding and their breasts shrunk to smaller than original size and they have imbalanced / out of shape breasts on each side. You're using your own body fat...
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    Fat transfer procedure?

    Hi Has anyone gone for fat transfer procedure, to move fats from certain parts of your body, to another part of your body? Any good reviews and recommended doctors/aesthetic clinic to go to? What was the price you paid?
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    Private rooms in restaurants?

    Thank you all, will look into those. If anyone else has suggestions too, please feel free to chime in! : )
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    Dress recommendations for pear-shaped bodies?

    Thanks for sharing the pics and the tips!
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    Dress recommendations for pear-shaped bodies?

    Will go check out A-line dresses first. hmmm as for mermaid dresses, I was thinking it would draw a lot of attention to your bottom-heavy shape? hmm. but ok, thanks, i'll try. maybe if choosing mermaid, will need to use more padded bra cups to make the bust look fuller so the overall body shape...
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    Dress recommendations for pear-shaped bodies?

    Thank you for your suggestions, all! : )
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    Private rooms in restaurants?

    Hi all any recommendations for any Chinese or Western style of restaurants, with a nice private room? Looking to have 1-3 tables max, most likely. Bonus if the food is good of course, and if the decor is decent or above average. Even better if the room has some natural light coming in from the...
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    Opinions needed

    erm I think you both need to discuss what are your methods of communication and love language. For example, have a frank discussion and tell him stuff like, 'on days I am feeling down, it would mean a lot to me if you could offer____' VERBAL: either you appreciate words of comfort or...
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    Tooth Whitening before my WEDDING Day

    Which clinic did you get it whitened at?