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    5 room Reno *~Renovation of My Home~*

    wow Pinkpetter, i tink you can get a commmission from Ah soon liao keke. you recommend so mani pple to him for business. anyway, i miss RT leh, down for so long!
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    10k Budget only for Reno, can help?

    Hi Ivy, i age with Lim80. 10k is really not possible becos most of the materials and sand r increasing at a alarming rate. your flr and wall tiles cost will depend on what type and price of types that you choose. not advisable to choose those with mosiacs becos that's v ex. depending on your ft...
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    Hi hi peeps! i really miss renotalk a lot. down so long aiyo. i just joined this forum leh. wat did i missed? Mrs piglet! how's your hse progress? dunno how's Angel81 E.A. hor? she got come in here to post? really frustrated with RT, everyday cannot go in