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    Christian Brides

    Sorry maybe i'm a bit out of what all of you are discussing...but can i ask whether do you all have any idea on Helper's gift? Thinking of what i can give to my helpers.
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    Krabi - Pavilion Queen's Bay or Krabi La Playa Resort

    Thanks Alhana, Zenn...i will consider. Nice Day!
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    Krabi - Pavilion Queen's Bay or Krabi La Playa Resort

    Dear Alhana and Zenn, Thanks for all the info and suggestion! Alhana, do you have the popular websites which i can book online? Actually i am considering between Aonang Villa or Sheraton but i heard Sheraton is more expensive but more suitable for honeymooners...any suggestions?
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    Krabi - Pavilion Queen's Bay or Krabi La Playa Resort

    Hello all, I am planning to go for honeymoon this year March. My actual date is 11th March 2006, then the following week is school holidays, i wonder will the price be very high during that week. Possible to tell me if by flight to Krabi, which airline do you choose? What is the cost...
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    Hi Dixon, Please send the song to me. [email protected] Thanks !! By the way if i want to buy the original, i go to the CD shop and ask for which album? Please advise.
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    Koh Samui

    Hi Tambourina... Can i take a look at the pictures? [email protected]
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    Luna Bianca Bridal Boutique

    Hi Esther, Who is your Actual Day photographer? Which company you engaged? How is the charges like?
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    Hi genesisgalaxy, Thanks for your info!
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    Hi genesisgalaxy, Wow...great service you have receive from them!!! What is the exact address and their tel number? Who is the person who served you?
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    Hi Friends78, I love your curtains!!!! Me too at really tight budget after the reno...fridge, TV etc.... Can i have the contact of the supplier? my email: [email protected] And i think you get quite a good deal. Thanks a million!!
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    Men suit

    HI, anyone heard of Kingsmen Tailor at Far East Plaza? any comments?
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    Luna Bianca Bridal Boutique

    Hi Esther, i would like to look at your picture. please email me at [email protected]. Thanks
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    Wedding Rings

    Hi all, Actually i like platinum but i know it is quite expensive, but i did went to Poh Heng, they have platinum and gold togeter, no diamonds and price is below $500. I think this is a good buy, just want to check out more sources. Currently we do have a pair from Goldheart, white gold...
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    Wedding Rings

    Hi there, anybody knows where to get nice wedding rings at budget S$ 500 to 800 per pair besides getting from the standard jewellery shops? Please help!!!!! Thanks !