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    Letting go Photo Booth & roving photography package

    Hi! Interested in your roving photography package. Can PM? :)
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    WTS> Fullerton Banquet Lunch (28-May-17)

    Hi! :) I'm keen too. Would be great if you could furnish me with further details at [email protected] :) Thanks!
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    The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

    Hi Mikishly! Congrats on your wedding! I'm looking at booking the Straits Room for my wedding in 2018 as well :) I'll be heading down for the wedding show next Sunday so I was wondering if you could share with me your package details ([email protected])? Thanks so much in advance! :D
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    Giving up Conrad wedding lunch 22/10/2016

    Hi! I'm interested in Conrad! Would be great if you could PM me more details!:) Thanks!
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    Letting go banquet lunch at The Halia, Raffles Hotel (24.12.2016)

    Still available? Can PM me the details?