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    2018 BTB

    It is a wonderful experience to be loved and love someone and both will register at ROM (all are happy) If possible don't do any banquet. Because a bridal package is nothing but just a middleman job. You have to pay many miscellaneous premium which totally no authorities control over this...
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    2017 brides

    Ya, early charges are expensive. Very expensive..... In Singapore, get the cheapest package first. Because later on there are small charges to pay and can cause you some fortune.... Wedding stuff from shop is very expensive.... Beware.....
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    For all future newbie brides and grooms

    Hi all Things to note when you sign up a package. It can really piss your groom off.....Hidden costs! BEST ADVICE 1. Do it yourself and make it simple. (Eg. Pre wedding shoot, write down the cost of photographer and album). your own gowns for actual day too 3.Taobao or some other online...