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    Paya Lebar Methodist Church

    Any Non member baptised Christians got married here before? I heard they don't allow non members but also heard as long baptised Christians they're allowed to rent the sanctuary. Please advise. Thank you.
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    Wedding jewelry rental

    Hi btb! Is there a wedding jewelry rental shop in sg? I tried searching and there's only usa based shops. Thank you.
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    Any idea which church allow rental of premise?

    Hello! Will you mind sending me the list to [email protected]? Thank you
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    Christian Brides

    Thank you! Anyone knows how much is church venue rental? I only need for solemnization.
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    Christian Brides

    Hi Shirly, I wanted to do my wedding at ncc and came across your post. Was your wedding at new creation hall or other church venue? Thank you. Sincerely, Yuki