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    Any good lightings shops to recommend?

    Hi folks just like to update u that the problem has been resolved! The 3T boss sent down a contractor to change the lights and also to adjust the fan. We realised that it's impossible to change the lights alone (unless the contractor removes the lights fr ceiling), so we volunteered our help...
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    Any good lightings shops to recommend?

    Hey folks Just like to warn u guys against buying fr 3T, along Veerasamy road. We bought quite a no. of items fr the shop, incl. lights and ceiling fan. Few days before the delivery, the staff called and said that there are insufficient stocks for the white colour lights that we ordered. She...
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    Any recommendation for Contractor (not ID pls)?

    Hi I'm in the midst of renovation. Quite impressed with my contractor. (btw, he is both ID & contractor but doesnt charge for design) Previously got his contact from this forum as well. He's responsible, very detailed and friendly. both me & husband v satisfied with him. pricing else...