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    10k Budget only for Reno, can help?

    Spend within your limit. Do DIY. That how you can saved ...
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    200 for bathtub?... advice needed...

    I bought my bathtub from SSC (Contessa <S$300) &amp; Joven from Poh Joo at 225!
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    Cellini Furniture

    So far lately any good review on Cellini Product especially Sofa? I am getting one soon ... Perhaps I would like to hear positive views also ... Thanks
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    WATER HEATER brands

    Oh ya, I am quoated S$225 for my Joven 35L.
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    WATER HEATER brands

    I went to Poh Joo at jalan besar to purchase my Joven 35L heater. Then I ask them is it possible to deliver to my place? then the boss said sarcastically " Hah? U only purchase heater only? see whether we are on the way or not, PLEASE make full payment, NO DEPOSIT!" ... The price there is cheap...
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    Ariston or Joven heater

    I bought my Joven 35L from Poh Joo at Jalan besar at S$225 with free delivery with condition that full payment must be made at point of purchase ... Nice deal, but the boss there really sucks!
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    So W.I.W actually looks nice to conceal your toilet if your toilet is facing your bed directly in my opinion ...
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    Ariston or Joven heater

    After all the discussion here about Joven, mostly good review on it. But again anyone encountered bad point on it? leakage problem? I am thinking of getting the 30L for two of my bathroom to coordinate with my Hansgrohe Raindance shower ...
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    200 for bathtub?... advice needed...

    My toilet width around 2m ... can it accomodate 1.7X700 bathtub? Any advise?