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    Coral Spring BTBs still have gathering anot...j2mommy mentioned hooters have anot? Brides ah..than I not involve leow..kek kek kek..
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    Part Time Maid

    Hi ccatjs or jessica any chance to let me know that Ms Yu Xhen nationality and how is she related safe to engaged her....? My house is at serangoon central drive... Need to come over once a week on Saturday morning...please drop me a mail if you can at [email protected] or reply my...
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    A guide to selecting yr Hob & Hood?

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    A guide to selecting yr Hob & Hood?

    Hi Kwoni yes heard of hobz but I dint get it in the end cos the shop I went quoted me at a higher Cuizino made in Italy instead Model TS92X and P83VCWGT2 3 BURNERS
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    Cheapest Sink & Wash Basin u have seen?

    hullo all I purchased bathroom accesories plus hooh/hob today. Just wannna to confirm if my purchase is worth it: Claytan anti slam soft cover WC x 2 Toilet hose x 2 with stop valve Kitchen Basin with tap Mistral Heater x 1 Flat type not those bulky type (include shower/tap/hose)...
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    Hoods and Hobs

    Ongfamy I just purchased Cuizino hood and hob too...heh.. Any one got the comments on it so far?
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    Affordable Toilet Bowls, Basins, Taps & Accessories

    Ha Jadeite Well explained. I went to Balestier and found the prices too steep...went to Ho kee at IMM only some of their stuff are cheap... Anyone WENT TO the wholesaler at sgoon north avenue 1 named Hai Chew..Heard their prices are low..
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    Anyone copied Tiffany wedding bands?

    I had me wedding bands done by Josi GEMS..they are recommended by my friend who used them. They are located at Park Mall. I copied part of cartier design and made a few adjustments to the colour..
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    BTO - Coral Spring....anyone??

    It's not desserted la all migrated to SK forum under Coral Spring!
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    3 rm resale reno budget

    Hi Ding can u provide me ur contact for reno. my is a 65 sq 3 room almose req same thing as urs. please mail me the contacts for lightings and accessories as well. Also i am concern on the quality as well. u know if they using wat material for cabinet or laminate using from china...
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    My 17k dream flat come true...

    Can I have the contractor's details as well. Please email the name and contact details to me. mail{[email protected],[email protected]} I need to move in by Oct need assistance on some quotes for simple reno work. Floor no need hack only overlay of timber for living room and...
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    Hi please email me Ah soon's details..need a quote soonest from him. My email addie is [email protected]
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    Coral Spring BTBs

    Haaa.....Jacq I remembered I also no need wake up early only need to reach certian timing at PIL side... I also teochew ah niah.. many getting married this year..haha..I got plenty of bombs next year..tough year when CS is going to be ready man...
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    Coral Spring BTBs

    Regent? Nope but maybe it depends by the batches and chef preparing...goes by batches..hehe from what I heard mass production wouldnt be fantastic was at hilton but also no complains from guests and relatives la. But I seriously dun care lo...if they are here to share my joy and...
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    Coral Spring BTBs

    Ha....seriously I think all hotel food are so so...haha..mass production on that day wouldn't taste so good. ;p Compared to restaurant which I feel served better food. As long as the presentation of food looks good can already..ultimately I think WE can't satisfied everyone...if they are...
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    Coral Spring BTBs

    Hullo Kling..I am blackhawk wife..yeah I went Amara sometimes back but how many tables u taking? Better make sure the ball room is not too tight within the tables..cos the last time I attended they have last the back seats touching another seat from another table. Best to go down view...
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    Coral Spring BTBs

    Good Morning babes! Yeah wat Dione said was right I also visited quite alot of BS before I decided on the final..and of cos final one I also signed only on my 3rd trip. Well you have to know what you want and feel comfortable sometimes it's not about the price or the freebies..ask yourself...
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    Coral Spring BTBs

    Orh..not fan at all lah...but i need go mtg..maybe tomorrow I reply to all posts ok? Ha..or maybe u can msn me tom..haha
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    Coral Spring BTBs

    Some BS will require you to make appts especially during weekends when they can get crowded.Some do not require can just walk in they would be happy to entertain and explaining ther packages..ha. No..check with friends or forumers on the basic package that is given than go down. 1. Check...