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    Cabin Crew Brides-To-Be??

    ladies, my AD is on 17Dec06. How long hv both of u been flying? When is you AD Joanne?
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    Cabin Crew Brides-To-Be??

    Yesyes! I am one of the cabin crew here. I am with SIA. How about urself? And why do you start this thread for?
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    HI ladies, where exactly is Wern International?
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    About Silicon Bras

    HI, any ladies here can advice me where to get nipple tape? I want to use it for my upcoming wedding as I will be wearing tube WG and my breasts sag down, showing that I am fat WHICH I am not. pls help me!
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    Frederick Lee Bridal

    any brides here, care to share PS photos with me? email to [email protected]
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    TG Goh - makeup artist

    Hi, can any brides here share photos with me? pls email to [email protected]
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    Silverlining Bridal Couture

    any brides here care to share AD or PS photots to [email protected]
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    (2006) Brides of year 2006

    Hi, any one of you heard that there is such a tradition whereby a daughter in law cant go bk to her mum's place only after 40days? IS THERE really such a tradition? any brides here gng to pratice this? Both my FH and I are from Hokkien family and this stupid tradition set by my FMIL. pls help!
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    Where to go for Hi-tea (3pm to 6pm)

    Oh! thks alot! thats kind of you. By the way, what does KAM BOAT serve?
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    Where to go for Hi-tea (3pm to 6pm)

    HI Everafter, I didnt receive any email from u at all. Maybe you can jsut post it in this forum for me. Many thks! Can any more brides help me? Quite a headache.
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    Where to go for Hi-tea (3pm to 6pm)

    Hi, i am keen in knowing. Pls email to [email protected] or PM me. thank you for ur kind assistance.
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    Where to go for Hi-tea (3pm to 6pm)

    Any other brides out here, pls share any information about buffet DINNER or HIGH-TEA after my ROM.
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    Where to go for Hi-tea (3pm to 6pm)

    HI Ladies, my time slot for my ROM at the office is at 1335hrs. Does the waiting time takes 2-3hours? I am actually looking at any restuarant OR hotel hi-tea buffet or DINNER BUFFET and budget is $30-$5 excludes taxes. Any where near to the ROM building.
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    Where to go for Hi-tea (3pm to 6pm)

    HI Ladies, I am hvg my ROM on 14November06 too. Does any brides knows how long is the waiting time at the ROM office for solemnasation? Cos' my time slot is 1335hrs and now got headache whether the time allows my family and my FH relatives to have HI-TEA or DINNER buffet. Pls help!
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    Any dentist to recommend for braces - good and at reason price

    HI to the lady who is looking for cheap and gd dentist: I suggest u go to polyclinic dental and then ask them to refer u to Alexandra Hospital to do ur braces. I had my mental braces done at $3200 only! u can save alot more than u go to private dentist. And the ordontist in Alexandra Hospital...
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    Advise on Outdoor Photoshoot Preparation

    HI all, Is Botanical Garden or Japanese Garden a nice place for outdoor PS? Pls kindly give opinions as I will be gng for my outdoor PS 2weeks down the road. Thanks all!
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    Ang Pao Box

    Hi Jasmine,as ur ID doesnt allow me to send u msg, is there anyway u can reply to me ASAP. Thank you. I really like ur ANG BAO bix with 2bears on the lid. keke
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    Ang Pao Box

    Hi Jasmine, is the ang bao box that u r selling at $15 still with u? Its so cute! can u sell it to me at $12?
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    Wedding Rings

    Hi Ladies, Any one knows where Can I get white platinium wedding bands for maximum $400 each? Cos' My fiance and I are on tight tight budget.
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    4" Wedding Shoes

    Hi all, I need help in advicing which BS provides good service that values for money.