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    JP Mr Eric Wong

    Hi Finally got mr Eric Wong as our Solemnizer for march 2012, can any kind souls here share with me how much AP must give him?
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    Marina Mandarin Singapore

    Hi all.. Can I know during when u meet up with ur wedding coordinator to discuss the wedding theme and wedding favor can it be held over dinner there and do we entitled to discount? My frz recently have complete her discuss with her wedding coordinator and the dinner was on the house...
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    Orchard Hotel

    Hi Karce, Im going to one of their event held new paper next does the event consider under open house? can u roughly share with me what is ur that i can ask from them, thank you very much email : [email protected]
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    1k below -- JAN 2013 Wedding Banquet ( any idea ) to u too celine we have to go up the price to each table ard 1.1 to 1.3k already...all places like expensive
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    Orchard Hotel

    Can anyone also share with me the additional perks that Orchard Hotel is offering you on top of the standard package too. Many thanks in advance. my email add: [email protected]
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    1k below -- JAN 2013 Wedding Banquet ( any idea )

    Hi All, Can you all share with me which hotel that i can look for with the budget 1k below for 30-35 table, that the AD ard 2013
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    11 nov 2012 - wedding dinner banquet wanted

    Hi there, Anyone hv recommendation