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    A compilation of songs for wedding
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    Hokkien Brides

    Ask you all ah, must the groom's sisters accompany the entourage to pick up the bride?
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    Guestbook ideas??? anyone

    hi imbun, Can you also email me the details? my email is [email protected]
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    hi, i graduated from business in 2000
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    Ring Pillow - DIY

    The picture I took wasn't as good as what my photographer took. My ring pillow looks better when placed in front of Mickey and Minnie.
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    Ring Pillow - DIY

    Joleen, you can use some lace to hide your stitches. I actually hand sewed my entire ring pillow. Took me a couple of nights to finish it, coz i also did some embroidery. U can see it at I used pink satin, some white lace, purple ribbon and...
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    (2008) Brides of year 2008

    hi all, I'm oso nov 2008 bride. AD: 15/11/2008 Venue: HH BS: Golden Horse
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    Any dentist to recommend for braces - good and at reason price

    hi qubic, I did my braces at Dr Cheng's at Ubi Dental. And I must say he's good. I also had to extract 4 teeth. The extraction wasn't painful at all. And I'm the kind who will cry at injections. I had my braces since last October. I have on damon braces and this is really fast. Dr cheng...
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    With This Kenny Loggins

    The lyrics are so beautiful. Can you send the songs too? my email add is [email protected] After reading them, I am thinking to add the lyrics as part of my vows
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    French Love Songs

    Hi, can send this song to me too? my email add is [email protected]
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    Yvonne Creative

    CAn someone share their package charges and maybe a few pics with me? Can email me at [email protected]. Thanks.
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    COME Share: Carat/Clarity/Colour of Ur Diamond Ring

    hi, my htb proposed with a 0.43carat, E, VS1 diamond solitaire. (passion from citigems). Couldn't help smiling when i saw ring. :-)