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    200 for bathtub?... advice needed...

    I got a 2 year old bathtub for sale. Bought at S$1,800, now letting go at a very cheap price. Self-collect from Joo Chiat. Pm me for more information.
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    Korea - F&E

    Hi, Can anyone share where are the must-go places in seoul, and recommended hotels, pls? Thanks.
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    Korea in Spring - Cherry Blossoms

    hi, anyone knows when is the best time to visit korea - spring or autumn? thanks.
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    Any Coach handbags fan here ???

    hi gals, needed some opinion here. what do you think of #6094 model, the coach signature demi small handbag? do you know if this is an old/new model? is it selling in singapore? do you think it's suitable to carry in the evening? thanks in advance!
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    Any Good Driving Instructor - For refreshing course

    hi taytbh, how much does mr ng charge for refresher course?
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    The Mrs Club

    hi gals, i am not sure how do we go about changing new notes - must we change new notes only at those banks which we have account with or any banks will do? can advise? thanks.
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    hi d woof, what would be your exchange rate then?
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    Christian Brides

    hi weddin, you may want to inform your invites on your wedding dates first so that they can block their dates...
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    Christian Brides

    hi nicole, the reception area is ok. simple. no air-con though...
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    Christian Brides

    hi nicole, are you referring to the reception area of the buffet lunch or main hall?
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    Christian Brides

    hi nicole, i attended a wedding at ttc before. find the food ok.
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    Taiwan F&E

    hi truffle, you can find local "siao chi" in danshui. can also take a harbour cruise to the other side of the island to see the lovers bridge. worth the visit yes, cab in taiwan is more expensive than singapore's. starting fare is S$3+...
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    Europe tour by SA

    hi sinkor, i went with sa on that package during nov/dec, winter period. weather was nice, and got christmas mood
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    Tiffany & Co. Wedding Band

    hi, i heard that polishing will actually thin the material. is that true?
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    Eczema problems

    hi, i used to have eczema problems too but condition has improved since i used a baby shower gel
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    Europe tour by SA

    i will choose sa cos they fly by sq
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    i see... so, late may is still considered as summer? prefer cooler months... moreover, sounds like it's going to be flooded with lots of people during may to sep!
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    Europe Honeymoon in Mar 06

    hi mousy, you may wish to consider sa tours? they fly be sq...
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    thanks gals. och, we will choose east coast for now. late may sounds good... err, what do you mean by the scenic places will only start to open full facilities in late may? thanks.
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    The Mrs Club

    hi minssy, can i take a look at your photos? don't have your multiply address... hi zoeanne, can share what did you buy for your cousins and friends as christmas gifts cos i will be starting my shopping spree next week! need ideas!