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    Club Chinois

    Hi All, It is coming to one year since we have had our Wedding dinner in Club Chinois. We had our AD on the 22nd Dec last year. Maybe, we will visit Club Chinois this coming Friday. No regret of choosing Club Chinois for our wedding banquet. Hope you guys will have fun too.
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    Evil Boss

    Previously, my wife worked under a female boss too. She is younger than my wife and without much experience. Likes to act cute when the directors are around and stay late to show she is hardworking. But during normal working hours, she is walking here and there and chatting the whole day. She...
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    Club Chinois

    Hi Joey, Our guests like to food and they commented that it is something different. The food standard is somehow the same. But, we cannot compare the standard for the food tasting and during the AD because they have to prepare for so many people. Overall, the feedback we received is very...
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    Club Chinois

    Hi All, The wedding package is already available on the Tunglok website as mentioned by Beauty Seet above: I believe the package covers almost everything. We chose the Regal package and it came with the "free flow beer". This is one of the important...
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    Club Chinois

    Hi All, we have not collected our photos from the photographer yet. Hope it will be nice. Yes, the bubbles march in has just started a couple months ago. it is very fun and unique. not like other banquet only dry ice...those who will be having the wedding banquet in Club Chinois will love...
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    Club Chinois

    Hi Beauty Seet, Yes, we just came back from our Honeymoon from Turkey. Going to Taipei for 2nd round of honeymoon tomorrow. The wedding dinner in Club Chinois was fabulous. All our guests commented the food was very nice. The service from the staff is also excellent. The Banquet Manager's...
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    Club Chinois

    Hi Beauty Seet, My package has food tasting for 10 pax. I have signed the package in Feb this year and will be having our AD this coming Thursday. When you signed, you have to put a deposit to book the date. Only a few months before your AD, yo will have to go for food tasting to decide whether...
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    Tasmania Anyone?

    Hi, My wife and I visited Tasmania in Dec 2002 by tour package. It was 2nd day of spring when we touched down in Tasmania. We enjoyed ourselves very much during the trip. We joined SA tours then. A good place for honeymooners. We will be going to Switzerland for our honeymoon this year after...
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    Japan - Free and Easy Advisable?

    Hi All, Our wedding is a few days before X'mas this year. Plan to go Japan for honeymoon with my wife after our AD. Is it advisable to go Japan for honeymoon during their winter?
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    Air-con installation - Gain City, Twin City or ???

    Hi, I used Twin City. Although their price is slight a bit higher, their workmanship is good and their recommendation is very good too. The cables and trunking of the pipes are very nicely arranged as compared to those I saw from my neighbours. Hopes these information helps.
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    WASHING MACHINE-which brand is good?

    Halo, Does anyone know what is the difference between Thomson 808, 818 and 828? And also do you know what is the website to get the specs info? Thank you.
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    Tasmania Anyone?

    Hi all, I think there is a direct SQ flight from Singapore that arrive at Hobart every Sunday morning. My girlfriend and I were in Tasmania for a 7 days package Tour last December 2002. Nice place for honeymooners. Great scenery. When we reached there on the 3rd Dec, it was just the 2nd day...