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    Recommendation for jewelers who does diamond setting only

    Hi curious to see where you purchased your diamond? I'm thinking of doing the same thing. Did you find a jeweler to set your diamond? Hi I was wondering where did you purchase your loose diamond? And did you find a jeweler to set it? I'm thinking of various options and doing what you're doing...
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    Canary Diamonds/Michael Trio/Carat 55/Gem by Gem engagement rings

    Hi ladies, my HTB and I have been to a couple of jewelers recently and trying to look through some online reviews but I wanted to check with all you lovelies if you had your engagement ring made by any of these: Canary Diamonds/Michael Trio/Carat 55/Gem by Gem? If so would you mind sharing a...
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    Customised engagement ring advice?

    Hi, I've set my sight on the de beers the promise ring but obviously as it is de beers it comes with a hefty price tag. I wanted to check if anyone had good experience with any custom jewellers who are able to design the exact one you show them? I want it to look exactly the same as the de beers...