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    10k Budget only for Reno, can help?

    Hi all, mine is a small 3rm brand new flat (60m-squared), need the following renos: 1. kitchen cabinet (up and down) 2. solid surface top 3. 3 pane window at service balcony 4. homogenous tiles for 2 bedrooms and living room 5. painting of whole house including ceilings its really...
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    Rolf Sullivan, I chanced upon ur comments, exactly the same in a couple of threads, if possible, can provide me with the details of how Strategic Design is unreliable. thanks alot for ur help!
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    Strategic Design aka Yin Feng

    heys i just got a quotation from Strategic Design @ Ubi, seems to me on this forum that it is a bad idea to go with them. am quite tight financially and their rates are very attractive, hence the dilemma. please advise honestly. thank u so much
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    "Full deduction" from HDB when purchasing flat is BEST option?

    hey guys have got a pressing question to ask all of you regarding a HDB loan. a buyer aged 53 am getting a new hdb flat under the balloting exercise for the first time. 1. he has 30k CPF --> can he use all of them at this age? 2. after using the CPF and HDB loan, he still has a...