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    A Place 2 Show Off Your Love Nest

    hi catty168, did you just move in? regards Leigoss
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    Nice Rugs.. where can I get them?

    Ikea and harvey norman are selling rugs, I was told that a shop at IMM also sells them, so check them out
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    Curtains! Curtains!

    hey tulip, what type of curtain you brought, and how much they charge? if possible show us some photos cheers.
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    Lorenzo-any comments?

    cool, got picture of the dinning table?
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    Lorenzo-any comments?

    aloha, got one at harbourfront
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    thanks blessed
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    Hi blessed, Can also forward me the contact for the carpenter? Thanks [email protected]
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    Shoe cabinet Design

    hi katherine can send me your design too? [email protected]