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    Painting of House/HDB flat/Room

    Hi just me, One of the method is to talk to them on the inquiry and see whether who is reliable, understand what you want, able to advice you and you feel comfortation with. Or you can see from renotalk website there is a lot of recommendation on the contractor. One of the good one...
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    $25k Budget for 5room resale for Reno enough

    Hi Michieyun, Gurustyle & winson, If you have tight budget or you have some idea on your mind, You can show to contractor on what you want. They will able to advice what can or cannot be done and you can save a lot of money on it. Rather than go to ID as they will sub the job out as well...
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    SOS* ID contacts anyone?

    Hi Belle, luv & Angeline, You can try "tiler seng" and review can be found in Renotalk, he quite reliable and his price and renovation is reasonable. You can drop him an inquiry [email protected] or call 8200 8901 Cheers!!
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    $10k Revo Budget for D&B 4rm possible???

    I got reliable renovation contractor which I was used to do my house, interest PM me [email protected]