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    Cartier Rings?

    i got a cartier signature piece platinum. A pair costs $5.1K.
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    Europe Trip in Oct 07

    Hi all I am thinking of going England in late Oct - early Nov. I have been to France and Italy. Am thinking of Spain or Switzerland to add on. Any advise on the how I should fly in and out? Must visit include London, Liverpool, Old Trafford.
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    Alsaka Honeymoon

    Hi Nicole can you elaborate more? is end oct - early nov good time to visit alaska? and which places should i go on top of , tat is nearby?
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    Prague - any advice?

    HI MF Fox when i went there in 2005, i took finnair and it was singapore -> bangkok -> helkinsi -> prague Does it mean when u fly back also frm prague or u took open jaw? where did u buy the tix frm?
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    Cheapest Sink & Wash Basin u have seen?

    Hi. I bought mine at Royal Fanco. THe boss is very friendly and explains things in details/ Prices is also cheaper than those bigger stores like Ho Kee or Poo Joo.
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    Hi BB Queen when is the wedding show ? what are the xtra perks offered? Chijmes is rather expensive but atmosphere is simply great!
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    Hi I am likely to confirm my booking with Chijmes very soon. Like the ambience. I've seen that at most 16 tables will be blocked, so I felt 20-22 tables still not so bad right? Any other things to look out for? thanks!
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    hey anyone here tried laser comb? not sure if its effective. Skin Centre is it useful?