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    Beauty Magic by Liren Neo (Makeup Artist)

    Hi Yann, Your experience with Liren sounds great. Appreciate if you can send me some of your photoshoot photos & info on her charges. Thank you!
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    Make-up artist - Kenneth Lee

    Hi Fawn, Appreciate if you can email me your wedding photos & info on Kenneth's charges. Thank you!! [email protected]
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    Intercontinental Singapore

    Hi Bubbles, Thanks for the welcome! Ya wedding's on 19/12, a mth away? Hehe, why pre-wedding jitters? It'll all turn out good I'm sure. Enjoy yaself (once in a lifetime), dun stress! Read ya above post tat ya doing ya food tasting this week. Have you gone for it & how was the food?
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    Intercontinental Singapore

    Hi girls, I'm an IC bride as well. Signed the package few mths back but yet to make my "debut" here til now! Great to see everyone so excited. Pls add me to the growing list of IC brides-to-be, thanks! 12 October 2009 (Stephanie)