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    Any help on teeth whitening for naturally yellow teeth?

    Theramed, sold in guardian and watson is good too. I saw 3 shades lighter in 2 weeks.
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    How to hv white teeth?

    Rozana, you're using Amw** right? Not everyone is suitable for that. I'm using TheraMed Express whitening, small tube. Lasted 2 weeks and I saw my teeth gets brighter by 2-3 shades within 1 week (I stick to the instructions of use). You're not supposed to use for long period. After the...
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    Any Christian Songs for weddings?

    Esther, go to any Christian bookshop and buy those 'wedding' album. Alternatively you can also ask your church friends.
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    Bloated stomach

    How much is B&H? 75 ?
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    Anyone tried OSIM uZap?

    I am using uZap. After use it can be itchy due to heat, but placing extra towel may help. uZap, very good for massaging my feet! Serious. Wrap it around my shin or just below the knee, shiok! Worth every penny. Not so much on the slimming (not regular user, so can't tell)
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    Anyone tried Osim ISqueez?

    depending on your sore point. it does not work if ur problem area is at the shin or below knee (too high for the machine)
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    Amore Instructors - Who's the Best?

    Pooh bear, where is Desiree teaching? I went back there recently and found that Jenny is no longer teaching there *ack* and the original trainer Carmen is back. Carmen's class is too pushing for me. It's pure torture to me. Please, any update on this (good insructors & where they teach...
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    Amore Instructors - Who's the Best?

    Pinkbunny, it's a little too late, but I went for Donald's Pilate class recently. It was very good. He explained the benefits of the poses, and took trouble to correct your posture if it's wrong.
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    Any recommendations for wedding bands?

    Hi JGal, you should be looking at something that you can wear everyday.. I read a lot of horror stories about diamond dropping off - which I think will be of greater chance once you wear everyday for housework.