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    (2016) 2016 brides

    Does anyone know what happened to 520 library? The photos on their fb page have been taken down and their instagram account vanished
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    Z Wedding Make-up Artist - Any recommendation/feedback?

    My mua was amber and i really love her makeup. Strongly recommend her. If u have a mua u like, u can inform zwedding early and they will try their best to make arrangements.
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    Videographers who can process Express Highlights during Wedding Lunch

    My wedding lunch was in dec 2015 and ichiro films did my express highlights. Given the short time fram given, i felt that they did a really great job and i really love the personalized touch of the video which focuses on the couple's love story.
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    Marina Bay Sands (MBS)

    My wedding was held in dec last year. Food was good based on what i ate and consistent with the food tasting session. They also took our feedback seriously.
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    (2016) 2016 brides

    Hello all! I just had my wedding in Dec last year and would like to share the list of vendors to show my appreciation to them for helping everything run smoothly that day. Bridal studio- Z Wedding Wide selection of gowns and staff are generally friendly. Many guests complemented my makeup and...
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    JP - Koh Kok Weng

    Different JPs have different styles. Some may do long speeches, some might preach about religion while some do it short and sweet. It depends on your preferences. There are also stories where some JPs are late or totally forgot about your ceremony or other brides have bad experience with some...
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    Marina Bay Sands (MBS)

    The only photo i have of the decor. The decor looks prettier in reality compared to the photos showed to me by June Florist.
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    Marina Bay Sands (MBS)

    Hi, i used the Venetian theme decor from june florist. You should be able to google some pics online. Sorry I am unable to send you an email as I have limited internet access at the moment.
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    Marina Bay Sands (MBS)

    Food seems to be quite consistent with the quality i got from the food tasting session. The portion is quite generous too since i saw on some of my guests' photo that they have a huge piece of abalone on their plate. From the feedback i got from the guests, the review was generally quite positive.
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    Marina Bay Sands (MBS)

    I just held my wedding banquet at MBS last Saturday and it was an awesome experience. My coordinator was Zi Ling and she has been patient and rather flexible in handling my requests. They gave us a big changing room. The decor done up by June Florist was amazing! I got a real surprise when I...
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    JP - Koh Kok Weng

    Mr Koh agreed to be my solemnizer and I had informed him that our ceremony has to start at 12pm. He said he could make it and we fixed a date to meet up to discuss the details. During the meetup, he requested for us to push back the ceremony to 12.30pm as he had work on that day and might not...
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    Any JP to recommend?

    I just had my ROM solemnisation with Mr Tan Cheng Soon Jackson and it was great! I had previously engaged two other JPs (who are supposedly on the top 40 list) which they agreed, but in the end they both backed out on me. I decided to contact Mr Tan who agreed to help out and he replied my...
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    JP Mr Eric Wong

    @efelin Hi, Mr Wong has confirmed to be my solemnizer on my big day on Dec 2015. He did not mention that he will cease to be a solemnizer. I am a bit worried after seeing your message here. :( how did you know about this? Thanks.
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    Cheap bridal manicure

    hello! I'm not exactly a fan of manicure but guess i need to get one for my wedding. Anyone has any recommendations for cheap and good manicure? Thanks in advance! Please help
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    AD MUA

    Hi able to share the MUA contacts with me too? [email protected]
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    Marina Bay Sands (MBS)

    I understand for solemnisation at MBS, we need to pay $500 for AV equipment rental for the function room. May I check whether any brides here know what does this consist of? Do you all hire other vendors for this instead? Thanks in advance!
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    Samuel from Pixioo

    I nv had a good impression of Pixio. They used to post on FB that they conduct contests to win their photography packages and said that the pics from the contestants will be posted on FB. But I nv ever see any photos for the competition at all. They don't intend to give out the prizes at all.
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    Marina Bay Sands (MBS)

    Hi i am also meeting my mbs coordinator soon. Can i trouble u to send the perks to me? [email protected]. Thanks.