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    Karcher, Dyson or Osim Mermaid vaccuum cleaner?

    mohamad, thanks for the nice summary. the only thing going for iecology (in my case), is the vacuum-and-mop function which is really appealing... but the weight is too daunting lah. btw, is the weight quoted before or after putting in the water? thanks ya.
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    Cooking Recipes as promised

    hi winnie, do u mind sending me your recipe collection as well. thanks a mil! [email protected]
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    Ariston or Joven heater

    anyone consider getting rheem? ex-owner installed rheem so we're thinking of replacing with the same brand...
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    hi AliG, how much did u pay for your mit sys4? is it the inverter type? how much years warranty? dunno whether it's worth paying for the inverter ones if we're only using it at night....
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    Hoods and Hobs

    hi winterbabylon, interrace, since the bellari hood is so powerful, does it also mean that it will consume more electricity than those that can only suck up a piece of paper? btw, do u already have the hood installed at your place? how is it? really wondering if my hair will kana...
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    Chin Leng or other moderators, please take note

    hi chin leng, came across this thread - "CHEAP Gucci Bags for sales !" @ the "marketplace & exchange corner: others". the poster blatantly lied about the purchase $ of her items (calling it a marketing gimmick) and lashed out at the whistle-blower. is this behaviour acceptable?
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    bearyhugs, wait until neck long long already still haven't seen pics of your home leh(??). pls send to [email protected]. thanx.
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    bearyhugs, oops, forgot the most important thing :p pls send link to [email protected] thanks yah.
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    hi all, read your postings. seems like everyone is doing homo tiles. anyone using marble or granite for their flooring? is patrick good with these as well? also i love the looks of those apartments featured in home & deco magazine. can malcolm give design suggestions like those?
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    hi bearyhugs, is it possible for u to share pics of your home & the quotation with me. we have juz bought our place & is scouting around for a contractor. everyone seems to be saying how nice your place is, so also curious to see :p
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    Lobang needed for racks in bombshelter/storerms!!!

    Hi dear dear, can I have the info too. some questions: - what does it include? - shelving, planks, installation? - how long does it take from ordering to having it in your boom shelter? My email: [email protected] thanx : )