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  1. Petrinatan

    flower girl baskets

    price reduced !! $20 for two!;)
  2. Petrinatan

    wedding wish tree- alternative guest book!:) polaroids , fairy lights

    reducing price to $45! items to clear:)
  3. Petrinatan

    angbao box- ready- made , cheap!

    selling this ready made angbao box. bought the box from NBS stationary shop at $23 and cut a slit in it for angbaos cheaper than other ang bao box around. selling at $15 please se my carousell page
  4. Petrinatan

    flower girl baskets

    selling two of these flower girl baskets- it was initially a " naked "basket and we decorated it with lace. selling for $12 each ill include flower petals and cloth hearts which wasn't used during my wedding - so no need to buy. please see my carousell page ...
  5. Petrinatan

    wedding wish tree- alternative guest book!:) polaroids , fairy lights

    This tree is synthetic with styrofoam outer covering. we used it for ur wedding wishing tree- can hang polaroids / wedding well wishes from guests on the tree. ill throw in the fairy lights for free. also good for christmas tree in this festive season! willing to let go at $55, price negotiable...
  6. Petrinatan

    WTB: can can petticoat

    hi i need a can can petticoat urgently to poof up a dress for my photoshoot in perth . ( so can't order from online as worried they won't send in time ) any one has a can can petticoat ? preferable 2-3 hoops for a ball gown thanks much! pet
  7. Petrinatan

    WTS: Wedding gowns and other things

    hi im interested can you email me pet [email protected]
  8. Petrinatan

    Letting go: Malena Bridal Pre and actual day package

    hi can you send me details on email? [email protected] thanks!
  9. Petrinatan

    Letting go Whitelink package

    hi im interested. could you email me at pet [email protected] thanks much!
  10. Petrinatan

    Wedding decor sale

    Hi is the black rimmed receptacle still available ?
  11. Petrinatan

    WTS: Post-Wedding decor stuff!!!

    Hi I'm interested in no 7 . Can buy ? [email protected]
  12. Petrinatan

    San Patrick ZANA Wedding Gown

    Hi could I rent the dress for an overseas photo shoot ? Can pm me at [email protected] Thanks
  13. Petrinatan

    Lee Petra Grebenau Ariel dress for sale

    Would you consider renting to. Me for a lower amount of money? I already have a dress for my actual day.but need something for my Italian photo shoot Would love to discuss best way for both of us . Email [email protected] Thanks ! Pet
  14. Petrinatan

    Letting go Bridal Package, AD Photog & Video, Vera Wang Gown, AD Makeup etc

    Hi sss of you? I just wanted to ask about your gown warehouse package. Did they allow. U to. Transfer it? I put deposit for one dress ,no alterations on dress yet (date 11/11/17) But realised I don't need the dress. They said the package is non transferable .. How did you manage to get out...
  15. Petrinatan

    Letting go Dinner Banquet, AD Photographer, Photobooth, MUA - 7 Oct

    Can the makeup artist/ photography date be changed
  16. Petrinatan

    WTS Wedding Banquet W Hotel Any date in 2017, $13000 discount!!!

    Hi Edwin Sorry about the change in plans. We didn't plan for a big wedding of 40 tables . We are hoping for the 11 nov 2017. Is it possible or negotiable that we can cut it down to 30 tables?
  17. Petrinatan

    To Let Go: St Regis Wedding Dinner (any day from now till 31 Dec 17)

    Hi Is this still available? We are looking at 11 November 2017. Thanks