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    (2013/12) Dec 2013 BTB

    hello! i have 2 amanda lee WGs and one taiwan designer EG for sale! can be use for photoshoot! WG selling for $400 each EG $900 price nego. let me know if u r interested!
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    WTS Amanda Lee Wedding Gown and evening gown cheap

    I have 2 amanda lee wedding gowns. EG from TW bought for 2k
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    WTS Amanda Lee Wedding Gown and evening gown cheap

    fits UK size 6-8. 1.6m leave email if interested. px for amanda lee WG $400 taiwan EG: $900 - whole gown full of heart shape sequins very special.. special lilac color.
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    Amanda Lee Weddings

    2 Amanda lee wedding gowns for sAle $500 each buy two got discount. Email me for pics if u r interested. One purple evening gown from Taiwan (romantic life) for sale worn only for two hours! $1200(actual price $1800 as whole skirt and train is full of sequins. If buy all three give free things...
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    Un-filial DIL

    Chilling queen's attitude is commendable!
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    How to love yourself?

    i agree with outcast! and i seriously don't think that money alone can be the main motivating factor for their marriage. she mentioned that he is older - maturity, stability, gentlemanliness, good father figure? as opposed to a guy her age whom she had chemistry with but maybe she could relate...
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    Surprisesss.... for my HTB

    what if he also wants to surprise you and book another room?
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    My bf's daugther........

    Faithful are the wounds of a friend, But the kisses of an enemy are deceitful. women just like to rant. talk abt vicious cycles.
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    My bf's daugther........

    low blow. let the show unfold.
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    My bf's daugther........

    Who's man's hand did she put on her privates btw?
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    My bf's daugther........

    Poor 3 yr old girl. She probably learnt the behavior from someone who successfully got her papa's attention. Cause been a 3 year old they need Love and attention. it will be a vicicous cycle...
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    My bf's daugther........

    So disturbing..... Matka I agree w u abt ur concerns.
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    Need Advice- Birthday Gift

    Swaroski crystal ornaments to be placed on the car/bedroom? --> my bf will def hate that...
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    yes i'm so amused by your posting.. i understand you are probably distraught upon the news about ur daughter...why not just go and take the photos...u will be there with ur daughter right? or are you financially tight?
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    anyway i don't think you have a case... i dont detect any breach of contract on his part but you calling him names here; he can sue you for defamation... and this is prolly the only place you can complain. =) and yes he is running a business... and calling him inconsiderate makes ur package less...
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    hmm.. you paid the deposit... i'm sure there is a clause for no refund of deposit...can u postpone it?