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    Any JP recomand?

    Me too, can any1 send me dr phua contact? [email protected]
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    JP - Koh Kok Weng

    Hi can any1 email me the contact of JP Chan and Koh thanks... i need a JP very soon
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    Any good SEAMSTRESS to recommend ?

    does kim to wedding dress and can someone PM me your photo of kim's dress @ [email protected]... thanks
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    (2011/06) June 2011 BTB

    Woah so many june brides seriously I felt pretty lost everytime I think that the big day is 1 day nearer ...there seem to be alot to be done but I don't know how I shd start... and we r going to do lots of performance on that day... i have no idea how to start doing the programs... Any1 can...
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    (2011/06) June 2011 BTB

    hi, i am new here, BTB for jun 19...