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    MUA to stay for 2nd march in

    my makeup artist charged me $200 for 2nd march in =( maybe it's coz i changed hairdo AND makeup look (changed colours) so it's pretty much a total transformation.
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    Anyone know experience make up artist? budget a bit tight

    hi everyone. i used Xara Lee for my AD makeup. I had 2 weddings - one in KL one in Singapore. Xara Lee was the better makeup artist of the 2. She is a professional makeup artist that does magazine photoshoots and is able to hide your flaws without the need to tell you (don't you just hate it...
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    Catholic Brides

    anybody need wedding ring pillow, or flower girl accessories? I had 2 flower girls for my wedding and provided them with flower baskets and flower hair wreaths. they are now on sale refer to this post for info...
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    Personalised champagne flutes

    i received a pair of champagne flutes from royal selangor. i believe they also provide engraving but i bet it's expensive. in the end i didn't use it for my AD... too cumbersome to lug around just for those 1-2 shots. hotels/banquet places have nice glass champagne flutes for you to use too...
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    <b>SOS!!! What amount to set limit for GAteCrash to JIEMeis on AD????!!! </b> --------- viv

    ang pow amount is up to you and your hubby to decide. imho as long as you cover their cost of transport + buying dress (if you stipulate a colour or type of dress) is sufficient. if you provide dresses for your sisters, you can give a lil less. i gave my sisters $10 each coz they have...
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    AD Ang Pow advise needed!!!

    it's always useful to prepare some extra... coz you never know if any extra children (the neighbours lah) conveniently "drop by" to get an ang pow.
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    (2012/12) Dec2012 BTB

    Hi everyone! I just got married in June. if need tips and tricks or flower girl stuff... feel free to ask! I got extra ring pillow, flower girl flower wreath and basket, and same corsages left over to clear
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    (2012/10) OCT 2012 BTB

    Hi everyone, I was a June 2012 bride. have some flower girl stuff and corsages to clear. let me know if you want! if you need any tips and tricks also can ask