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    JP Mr Phang Tai Heng

    yah, agrees with candy.. i had mr phang last dec due to replacement. supposingly is mr chan but he had something on last minute. mr phang completes my soleminzation in a 'abit fast' pace, but he did a chinese version also. i also dun wan my guest to feel bored, so i think he's ok.. : )
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    JP Mr Phang Tai Heng

    hihi.. can email me Mr Phang's photo too...? [email protected] thnks...
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    (2008) Brides of year 2008

    hihi.. when to 'an chuang'...? was told to be done 2 weeks b4 AD, so it means we have to zzz on the floor for 2 weeks..? can it be done 1 week b4 AD?
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    hi all... my solemization will be held before the cutting of cake and 1st dish.. anyone has the emcee script for that procedure..? [email protected] thanks!!
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    Who got the Marriage Budget Spreadsheet?

    can i have a copy too..? thnks..