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    Club Chinois

    Hello gals, Just want to say I had a good experience at CC last Sunday. The food was good, the pacing was good. Just that becos we took the maximum capacity of 32, it was rather cramped up. Other than that, I heard more good comments. Chris was helpful and was glad that he was always there...
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    FIL (Face & Body Intelligence)

    I have signed up with FIL also 2 years back. like most gals here, i was pressurised to sign on and upgrade my package. i regretted greatly to signing the SPL facial at $250 @. so, this time, i decided to sign the last package with them which is the 3 in 1 facial at $68 @. after this package...
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    A Nightmare on my wedding day - the diamond ring

    Lazarre diamond is hearts and arrow. all L diamond falls under a certain range of specs. so they command a higher premium. moreover, it is so called branded. similar concept as LV wallet and renoma wallet. LV more ex cos of the branding. same thing for Lazarre. Destinee and Hearts on fire are...
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    Aircon - anyone heard of All Best

    Just wanna share too. I bought air con from the as well. The installation was really really bad. After first installation, my air con suddenly switched off after i on for few hours. i called them up and they came down to fix it. Refrigerant leaked cos there was some leak in the pipes. ok, i...
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    Club Chinois

    Shirley, It was great hearing that you had a great weddin at CC! makes me feel more confident about CC liao
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    Club Chinois

    Hi Lyn, i have calculated. my MIL taking 11 tables, my dad taking 6 tables. so, if i take the max capacity meaning my hb and i would have 15 tables. the thing is my own friends already 10 tables liao. so, haven count hb side. a bit tight loh. but well, see how it goes cos usu not all invited...
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    Club Chinois

    Hi gals, I also booked CC for my AD. my AD is on 25 mar 07. Anyone hving their banquet near mine? i will be getting the ballroom loh. cos i need at least 25 tables. Anyway, i m now having headache about the guest list. seems like i dun have enough tables for my guests cos my MIL booked 11...