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    Fortune teller recommendation - for calculating good wedding dates?

    @stressed snail My HOB went on behalf of me this year may 2017. We decided to go for Mr Long as we heard his reviews was impressive. When my HOB reached the place earlier. He was expected to wait by the door till the appointment time. He called me to share his unhappiness towards the welcome...
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    Gym equipment for sale $600

    Dear all, All items are used and in very good conditions. All are real pictures Items for sale listed below: 1. 2 sets of rubberised dumbell 2. 1 premium workout bench 3. 1 set of barbell 4. 2 pieces of squat rack 5. 110kg rubberised plate weights Interested pls whats app for meet up or...
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    Robotic Floor Mopping & Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

    Dear all, I am selling my Robotic mopping robot for $500. All real pictures and come with box. Brand new conditions. Brand iRobot 380t Braava 2. Robotic vacuum cleaner. Used. Brand Neato. $300. Real pictures Meet up can be arranged. Interested for details you can email me...
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    Microwave and Oven For Sale

    Dear all, I'm letting go few items in my house and hopefully it can be some use for you. 1. Electrolux Electric Oven. Brand new condition. Selling at $600 2. Electrolux Electric Microwave . Selling at $400 Can arrange for meet up. Interested parties Please email me [email protected]
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    The girl that never get appreciated

    I feel the court had been very kind to you. And is good news and what your lawyer said is right you shld take up the offer. You had been paying 30% and your Ex husband to be able to buy your share, is too good to be true. It seems your hubby nt that broke as how you describe him to be. Better...
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    The girl that never get appreciated

    Pls update us on your divorce case. Don't forget. Lol
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    Master David Tong's Advice Corner (Geomancy and Fengshui)

    Hi Master Tong? We would like to check if 10 October 2017 is good for ROM. Groom: Snake Bride: Horse Groom's Dad : Rabbit Groom's Mom : Horse Bride's Dad : Pig Bride's Mom : Horse Thanks in advance.
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    Should I Leave Or Carry On Despite All Odds?

    Hopefully by now you had start afresh and live a new life.