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    Peninsula Excelsior

    Hi! Anybody got reviews about Peninsula Excelsior? Thanks in advance!
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    Any good church caterers to recommend?

    just want to share with you BTBs that for catering you can get discount from this website called you can just submit your order for the caterer you want using this website. i used before for my family gathering, and i really got my cashback back. hope this helps in some way..
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    Mum's Kitchen - Any experience with Mum's Kitchen?

    I ordered from Mum's Kitchen before and found it not bad. That time, I catered for a family gathering, ordered a $13/head buffet for 40 guests. The food was quite good, service nothing to fault. Because I ordered through Foodline, with the 5% cashback, I got some discount back.
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    WTS Banquet package

    Hi, please email me the details at [email protected], thanks
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    (2013/09) Sep 2013 BTB

    Our preferred date is also in Sept! But my FPIL said need to check the tong shu, which hasn't been published yet. Zzz... I think this is all unnecessary but, what to do, not worth fighting with them over a date. So all I've done is shortlist a few venues within our budget, but haven't...