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    JP Wee Pang Kiat

    Has anyone engage JP Mr Wee Pang Kiat before? Just engaged him as my JP. Wanna find out how he's like (: Please help me ladies!!!
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    Letting go: Wedding dinner package at Marina Bay Sands

    Hi Rainbowiieee I've already emailed you with regards to the banquet. May I also check on which ballroom was it that you've gotten? Hope to hear from you in email soon!
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    Letting go: Wedding dinner package at Marina Bay Sands

    Hi. May I check if it's a weekend dinner package? Possible to help and check if the ballroom is vacant on 06sept14?
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    MUA for mothers and bridesmaid

    Hello all, Is there any MUA out there? Looking for affordable and good MUA for mothers and a sister before wedding dinner and sisters for the morning session. I have 6 sisters for the morning session. Please suggest any good MUA to me!! ((: Leave contact or email me at [email protected]...
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    WTB: Wedding Dinner Banquet on 06SEP14

    Hello ladies, I'm looking for Wedding Dinner on 06sep14. Tables 15-20. Pls PM [email protected] Best regards, Jamie
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    Wedding package to let go

    Hi. Is this package still available? I'm keen. Pls pm details at [email protected]
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    Parkroyal at Pickering

    Ya, Lvsh. Mind sharing the coordinator name? I'm considering them for my wedding in 2015 too. Currently the lady who is replying to me is Fiqah. She is prompt in her replies! (:
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    M Hotel Singapore

    Hi, may i check if anyone has photos of the ballroom for M hotel? the 10th floor one. (: and can anyone share the weekend dinner package and perks to me please? (((: can PM me! thank you very much BTB!
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    (2015) 2015 brides??

    Have yet to hold mine. But I did check with the hotels I went to. They will arrange the necessary arrangements to meet your requirements.
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    (2015) 2015 brides??

    I think they can do it. But usually western is buffet style. So gotta check with the hotel. Cos mine is half vegetarian and half Chinese. So they will charge accordingly.
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    (2015) 2015 brides??

    Hmm. Usually the bridal package if includes the AD photography. The AD photography may not be ur pre wedding photographer. Cos the cost is higher. So they may get freelancer to do it. And the photos may not be as nice as expected. If u get what I mean. So still better to source someone that...
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    (2015) 2015 brides??

    I think gotta take note of the ballroom shape. Make sure from all angles ur guest can see the stage. Otherwise it's boring for them. (: they can't see what u are doing on the stage!
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    (2015) 2015 brides??

    Hi babe, could you share with me your package for RWS? My email is [email protected] Thanks!
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    (2015) 2015 brides??

    Hi all. I've looked at MBS, marina oriental & swissotel @ raffles city over the weekend. Mbs is nice. However it's a little expensive at 1388++ to 1588++ for weekend dinner. However, it's a pillar less ballroom & the ceiling is sort of high. (: min 20tables. Marina oriental, HTB and I felt...
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    (2015) 2015 brides?? This website has the upcoming wedding shows in various hotels. As well as wedding shows alone by studios and huge wedding fair. (: I think they update monthly though. I feel that we can go down and take a look at the hotels...
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    (2015) 2015 brides??

    hello all, Im also planning on 2015. Already bought my Bridal Package from Z wedding in the recent BOWS. Fell in love with their photos and gowns. Signed with them even though the prices of other Bridals are so much lower. I have a referral voucher as well. Entitles both of us to 3 extra...
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    Looking for AD photographer & videographer

    Hi Michelle, could u send the quotes for AD photography + videography + morning highlights + photomontage to [email protected] Thank u (: