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    (2012/07) JULY 2012 BTB

    Hi all, Im also a July bride to be Lynn_zhang: T&T seem to be quite good from the review I found. And I went down to see twice and their stuff is of quality. Prices varies on what you would want to print. We will be having 150 self-design invites for friends and 60 inserts for family...
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    Any MEMORABLE PROPOSAL to share * * Where & How ? =)

    My little proposal over here: my friends commented that it was one of the most secretive and successful one. I'm very bless with all the great friends who work hard for this proposal too!
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    Mandarin Orchard Singapore

    Hi I'm a BTB too! Thinking of doing my dinner at meritius, anybody can share the nett price of per table for Sunday? Mine will be first week of 2013, you think able to get the price for 2012?