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    Marble Flooring

    I am thinking of doing pure white marble fooring, but I have heard that it is not practical. Any thoughts?
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    Dishonest Housing Agent

    Well, sometimes the buyer ends up giving the 1% to the seller's agent without realising that it is under the table. For first time home buyers who are young and believe every dam thing the agent says, that is very possible. Which is what happened to us. So, the morale of the story is still, open...
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    Dishonest Housing Agent

    Hi.. it's sad to see that I originated this thread years ago with this exact same problem, and it is still happening now. Yes, agents are very tricky. They will tell you that the COV is part of the seller's selling price, but they will "pocket" the COV as commission. So, what I did was to...
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    True Yoga, Any comment?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a short term True Yoga package to buy over for the one at Pacific Plaza. Preferably should be less than one year, ideally, just half a year. Please PM me with the price and when it expires. Thanks.
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    Christian church venues anyone?

    hi there.. I'm helping my friend out with her wedding and there is a church ceremony.. I have no idea where to start. Can anyone share their standard template on timings and things to do? You can delete away the confidential details etc.. I just need it to help my friend get the ball rolling...
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    Epi-Lasik At Eagle Eye Centre

    Sunny Gal, I totally agree with you. So, for all my friends, I just tell them, don't do it for vanity reasons. Unless the myopia is creating living issues then do it. E.g. my myopia is so high, I can't even bathe without my glasses, so I decided to take the risk. And you are bingo about the...
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    Epi-Lasik At Eagle Eye Centre

    yes, actually, my cousin was surprised that the doctor asked her to do epi, so she just followed what the doctor said. shrug.. what to do.. suay lor. The worst thing is, the cornea scarring caused her to strain her eyes and her myopia went up, so now she got to wear glasses. confirm very bang...
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    Epi-Lasik At Eagle Eye Centre

    actually, I don't know which one I did, but my cousin did epi and she had cornea scarring le. Mine is ok, but I have a slight problem with my eye now, and supposedly it is not related to the lasik. How about you?
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    Hi.. has anyone heard of ready made curtains with the hooks kind? My friend told me it is much much cheaper, and most suitable for those that already have the curtain rail tracks.
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    Epi-Lasik At Eagle Eye Centre

    Hi.. sunny gal, I did mine at Eagle Eye Centre too. I don't know which one I did, but just out of curiosity, have you thought of doing anywhere else?
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    In Memory of Lo Hwei Yen (Victim of Mumbai Terrorist Attack)

    On 1st December, in memory of Lo Hwei Yen, victim of the Mumbai Terrorist attack, a couple of us will be placing roses in front of the OUB sign at OUB Centre (where she used to work) to remember her by and also as a show of support to her family. Those ladies who work in Raffles Place and want...
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    Hi Ladies, need some advice. Some times back, I got Jimmy Textiles to do up my 5 rm flat. In less than 1 year, the fabric for the curtains started to tear due to weather conditions (I frankly think it's quite BS, the man just sold me lousy fabric, that's all). Anyways, heart pain, cos I paid...
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    Cle de peau - good for minimizing coarse or dark pores ( In Her World sept 03) issue

    Hi Felicia,.. hmm.. I think I'll find a chance to go to Japan and get it from there, because I'm sure it's much cheaper in Japan. Actually, I'm starting my 2nd bottle of Creme De La Mer .. it's also not bad, but I don't find that it fights wrinkles, so when I'm done with this second bottle, I'll...
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    Cle de peau - good for minimizing coarse or dark pores ( In Her World sept 03) issue

    Felicia, the mask is so expensive, I can't imagine how much the full range will be!! actually, I am looking for a good anti-wrinkle cream. I am thinking of getting Prevage, but not sure if Cle De Peur will be just as good. What do you think? Actually, I am only 31, but I am starting to see fine...
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    Dishonest Housing Agent

    Hi Yvonne, the last time this happened to me, I refused to pay him, and then I received a lawyer's letter, so I had to seek external legal advice. In the end, we concluded, we should pay first then we would be in the right, after that, we can sue him or take him to Small Claims Court.
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    Aircon : What are the current prices for Mitsubishi and Toshiba Invertor/Non-invertor Aircons?

    heya, need some advice, I am thinking of installing an aircon in my living room since it can get quite warm sometimes, when there are too many people in my house. my friend says I might need another compressor.. Anyone knows roughly how much everything including installation would cost...
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    Cle de peau - good for minimizing coarse or dark pores ( In Her World sept 03) issue

    hi.. was in Japan recently and bought the Cle De Peur intensifying moisturising mask.. it cost about $160... haven't used it yet, but will let you guys know how it goes!
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    Any good dermatologist to recommend?

    Hi Chu, can't PM you.. not sure if I am allowed to provide details here. Can you change your settings?
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    Karcher, Dyson or Osim Mermaid vaccuum cleaner?

    Hi everyone.. I'm abit ignorant about steam cleaners.. but now that I am pregnant, I'm thinking I should get a cleaner that can help me to clean my fabric sofa (when my baby constantly spills drinks on my sofa) and preferably, I can use it to vacuum the carpet as well. So, will a steam...