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    Anyone know of a good place to rebond hair

    same here man! i hate supercuts its the worst salon that me and my HTB have even been too. I simply said i wanted a trim only, but the supercut lady at parkway parade trim half of my hair away!!!! It was super short!! I was so freaking upset and i look f*cking auntie with that funny hair so i...
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    Englander Mattress

    Hi, I wanted to buy the englander mattress too, think the model was Reverie Horizon Plush or Posh.. Care to share whats the exprience with this brand? Tried googling but nothing much appears, 1st time saw this brand at Furniture Mall
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    Catholic Brides

    hi went for my ee and it was great! every couple shld go! just like to check how long does a wedding service take?
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    Catholic Brides

    hi andrea thanks but issit a normal to not ROM at the church? now my fiance side is saying we can have our religious ceremony in maybe in macau (they use to attend churches there) or something if it's hard for us to find one here. looks like there might be some changes. my fiance feels...
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    Catholic Brides

    hi all, this is my first post and will be having my wedding next yr. my fiance is a catholic. I'm not a catholic. We'll be having a church wedding at a roman catholic church, but my fiance is not a member of any church. After reading all these threads, i know we need to attend CEE...