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    tiger tiger burning bright! i am the latest victim of their flight cancellation/changes! Book promo tickets to BKK..paid abt 300,mostly for taxes and such. Rec'd 1st email my come-home flight cancelled, had to change to another flight same day Rec'd 2nd email 1 week later, my going morning...
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    Any good cleanser?

    neutrogena! cheap and good
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    Any Childless Couple out there?

    A childless fren who is in her 50s told me people still asking her "when are u having children?" Goodness! i still hv to suffer facing this burning question for many more years...
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    Any brides with short hair????

    hi! i think short-hair brides can look very pretty and refreshing too..depends on how your hairstylist do it! I wish i had short hair then!
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    Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh

    went to hcm on N-day weekend for a short break. still find it a nice place to eat, shop and chill Weather was cooler there too (fortunately little rain though it was suppose to be wet season) btw SGD is pretty strong over there, the exchange rate at the bank was 12400 dong for S$1.. better...
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    Address to buy cheap and good electrical products

    Just bought a Mitsubishi Fridge from KONG TAI Electrical Trading. Thumbs up for best price and fast delivery "Order 2day and delivered tmr" The same cannot be said for HONG LIANG (alexandra) who accepted my deposit but cannot deliver my fridge cos "no stock. must wait 2-3week or u take...
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    My 17k dream flat come true...

    hi yoyo, u hv a nice toilet! can u please pm me your contractor's total charges for your toilet revamp? I am thinking of redoing my toilets too. Thanks! cheers!
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    Any good sunblock to recommend?

    Hi Pink Ice I am using Biore Sunblock now. very gd, not oily and ok for my sensitive skin
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    To adopt or not to?

    yuan fen dun be too stress over $... i dun know your financial situation exactly but i think since u both love children and hv supportive parent to count on as helping hands, then can go 4 it! There are family that live on little money too...jus hv to make do if u really wanna hv a child, u...
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    Allied Educator (MOE)

    Ling, i applied for Allied Educator (Learning and Behavioural Support)...waiting 4 reply
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    To adopt or not to?

    dear yuanfen i understand ur feelings. if you and hubby love children and have enuf resources (like $ and helping hands like parents/inlaws) to bring up the child till he/she is independent, then go ahead to adopt one now. it is better to bring up a child when u r still young...a few years...
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    Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh

    Hi twish! thanks for your advice and tips! I'm back from one-week-DIY-holiday .. very happy wif this trip! Love the food, sound and sight!! Spent 3 nights in HCM backpacker area and 3 nights in Mui Ne (peaceful and charming fishing village which is about 4hours bus ride from HCM)Refreshing...
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    True Yoga, Any comment?

    hi, hv a True Yoga 7-day Pass selling at $20 only. pl pm me if interested.
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    sure lissy I also eat at FUJI twice keke Besides the usual shopping on lower floors at MBK, find it very happening at 5F-7F . Lots of new eating outlets and hv home&decor area too (similar items more exp than chatucuk mkt but hv items nt seen at chatuchuk.) Pl check it out! For all...
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    hi lissy, At mbk, can try BLACK CANYON COFFEE on 2F. We had tea break to rest our tired legs and recharge energy.keke. One piece of cake (cost $5 here), 2 iced mocha/cappicino with ice-cream float (cost $5 each here) and a plate of spagetti (thai style, v nice) Total bill only 245b = S$10+...
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    Hi, Sometimes i didn't buy travel ins for some short trips (either i delay/forget/assume nothing bad will happen) But it's a BIG risk to take.Especially with so much instability worldwide. Luckily, we had a safe and enjoyable trip to BKK last december. We nv know when travel ins put to use...
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    String Curtains

    hi all string curtain lovers, today i saw string curtains on sale at robinsons centrepoint. $99 less 20%. 5-6 colours available. i think the size stated 90cm x 200cm. Check it out at centrepoint store
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    Bangkok - Twin Towers

    Hi ! Just came back from my trip. I'm happy with my stay at Twin Towers, gd value for money. The room is BIG with two twin-size beds for separate beds. Breakfast is a good spread of hot cooked food and bread/cereal/salad/fruits...etc. Also tried the street food outside the hotel (turn left...
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    hi, i think Asiaroom charge amt to credit card after the hotel u booked is confirm available. i did two booking at Asiaroom early this month but hotel was not available for both cases(In the end i booked thru another website.) No charges by asiaroom on my card statemnt.
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    hi, does any1 know where to get tall mango wood vase in BKK?