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    Horrible: Buttercups Montessori - Bus Operator

    Hi Image, Relax, relax, cool down. Your son is only 18 months, just stay at home with grandma and your helper. I'm sure grandma can teach simple chinese characters, play with him in the playground, enjoy music, walk in the garden and life skills. My kids only go to school at 4 years...
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    Am I wrong?

    Hi Tired, 1.Move the PoPo to your new place. 2. Register your marriage and be a legal husband and father. Problem Solved! My mum is very attach to me and follows me wherever I move to. I shifted house 3 times, she followed and moved with me 3 times. My hubby is very understanding and...
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    Different cultures

    Hi Manna, After just a miscarriage, I think you should first take good care of yourself and drink some tonics soup. Your hubby will try to solve these problems, so you just rest well. It is not such a big problem. Maybe your hubby can help to pay for the dowry like he said he would...
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    Advice/Information needed.

    Hi, I mean Don't mind instead of Do. From all the suggestions, I like renting best. You can rent a place near your parents. Your wife has her own place and you can always pop over to your parents to look after them. Then after a few years, you have save enough money and the property...
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    Advice/Information needed.

    Hi Teck Hoong, If you do mind being a hen-pecked "Yes" hubby then your marriage will be ok. If not, expect quarrels as there will be more issues when baby comes along.
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    Am I wrong?

    Hi Maggies, May I share something with you? I notice some girls like to micromanage their boyfriend after being together for a while and think it's their entitlement as his girlfriend. This is something which they don't do at the beginning of the relationship. Always remember why your...
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    Am I wrong?

    Hi Maggie, During our dating days, my hubby only call me once a week and only on a friday night for a saturday date. Sometimes, he would be missing in action and not call for a date for 1-2 months. I never meet his parents or relatives either. I was very puzzled but never think too...
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    Advises needed on what i am facing now

    Hi Xin Yue, Just close one eye and everything will be ok. Think of it this way. It is better for hubby to spend time with his mother than for him to be with another woman. One of my girlfriend always dislike her MIL from talking or spending time with my girlfriend's hubby. Guess what...
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    Sharing the views

    Hi Sophia, I want to share with you this encounter I had last weekend. There was this couple taking photos at Universal Studios. The guy looked quite young, boyish and handsome and the girl looked a bit more mature-looking but still have a cute look, maybe because of her side ponytail...
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    Kids to continue contact with ex after divorce?

    Hi poppy, May I know if you and your Ex had other partners now? If not, why don't you just join him for the Sunday outings and overseas trips? Even if divorced, still can be friends, provided both of you don't have partners now.
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    Desperately need an advice!!

    Hi, My maid have this thinking too. She feels that slim people should be slim ones and fat people with fat ones. Once, my maid targeted a slim malay man in a book store and ask me handsome or not. The man is indeed above average looking and has gorgeous eyes. I say very handsome and my...
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    I think my marriage is having problem.

    Hi Poorthing, For reno matters, I always prep my hubby with the worst scenerios. We have done 3 reno. My hubby will supervise the workers while I do the prep work and take care of kids. I will source for 3 quotations and ask him to choose. I will alert him that the advertisements...
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    Desperately need an advice!!

    Hi Milo, I think what you say is true. There are really people who can't cope with the disparity. Clients are sometime puzzled why I say Thank You to my subordinates for things they should be doing. Friends are puzzled why I greeted the condo cleaning uncle. Why is there this...
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    Desperately need an advice!!

    Hi, The lifestyle gap of both sides of parents is different that other than pleasantries both sets of parents rarely meet. Maybe it's just his character that he doesn't want to reveal all this till marriage is really confirm. To the forum : Do you think Caron could be facing lifestyle...
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    Desperately need an advice!!

    Hi Caron, My hubby and I dated for 6 yrs and he never suggested to meet his parents and I also didn't know exactly where he stays. Like you, I was very puzzled but I just choose to respect his decision not to tell. Finally, one day, 2 mths before ROM, I finally met his parents and...
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    Ex-Wife Request increase in Maintenance

    Hi Recovery, May I know how old are your kids? Usually expenses for kids go up as they grow up. My kids are in lower pri. So most things are "free" in terms of events for kids, courses, tuition. Maybe you can share this with your wife as she may not know. Events for kids : Mid...
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    Hi npyl, Most of my girl pals knew that they wanted to have their own little family. They would all start to seriously date in university and aim to get married by 30 yrs old and to have 2 children by 35 yrs old. So if some guys they dated, was not serious or took too long to decide on...
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    KTV girls n songs

    Hi, Any advice for me whose hubby is in the DANGER zone? My hubby discussed with me the girls that he thought are beautiful. When I looked at the pictures of these girls, there are traces of me in them. Why does he act this way? Some kind soul, please enlighten me. From puzzled Albee
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    KTV girls n songs

    Hi Soisuka, I recommend you to watch this movie "The Age of Innoccence". Hi Phoenix, My Hubby doesn't go KTV or surf porn website but he has a collection of porn magazines and VCDs and like to look at sexy binkini girls at the pool. After all these eye candies, he will buy sexy...
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    Lazy Husband

    Hi onedergirl, Your hubby has ipad to help him relax. For me, it's romance books and drama shows. What about yourself? Since money not a problem, why don't you outsource? You can get a Wedding Planner or some Jie Mei or Xiong Di to help out, if your hubby really just want to do...