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    Flat or Low Wedding Shoes?

    I wore flat red chinese "xiu hua" (embrodiered) shoes with my kua, so the colour matches. My sis-in-law wore heels from Shanghai Tang with her kua, but the shoes looked quite chinese in the first place. dzxz, must u wear flats?
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    help!! where to buy those white flowers with feather for hair

    Hi, I wore something similar recently, u can pm me if u interested.
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    Any good eye lash curler to recommend?

    I find most eyelash curlers not v good, my theory is that coz the curve of the eyelash curler has to match ur eyeball curve, if not, not all the lashes can be pressed. So I using this Japanese brand eyelash curler, it only curls sections (maybe 5 lashes). Take longer but I find the curl is...
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    2 way cake to recommend?

    I heard ZA 2-way cake is quite good.. I used to use YSL 2-way cake but finds it clogs my pores a bit. But my frens told me, all 2-way cakes are like that. Either u choose good coverage (aka pimples and pores dun show) & suffer clogged pores, or little coverage & ok pores.
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    Tips to conceive?

    Hi, am planning to start a family too. Is there any particular vitamins which is v good to boost fertility? Not taking clomid or anything... only thing I'm taking is folic acid and miscel Vitamin B vitamins so that my body has the necessary vits for baby. Thanks in advance.
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    Anyone Tried Fancl Supplements

    Hi, am selling the Tense Up drink for $5.60 per bottle (fancl singapore sells it for $7 per bottle). If you buy 10 bottles, I give u one for free. So you get 11 bottles for $56.00. Will meet up at Yishun, Yio Chu Kang, AMK, Orchard, Somerset, Dhoby Ghuat MRT station.
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    Anyone Tried Fancl Supplements

    Hi, I have the following Fancl supplements for sale: - Deluxe Tense Up Drink (1 box), can be sold individually per bottle, but if you buy the 1 box, I will give 1 free bottle of Deluxe Tense Up Drink. Date of expiry: 23 Mar 2009 - Calorie Cut Supplement Sachet(1 box), date of expiry: 22 May...
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    Hong Kong - Hotel & ShoppingRecommendation

    Hi, ladies. I realised that Fancl HK has a member program... can get up to 10% off if you are member. Does anyone have any "lobang" for the Fancl membership? Any kind souls out there who stay in HK are willing to 'lend' me their member card? Thanks!
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    Flat or Low Wedding Shoes?

    hihi gabrielle, dun worry. I also only slightly shorter than my husband but look taller. Most of the time for the shoot, due to the fact that u're walking ard, you can wear comfortable shoes for the shoot. But there may be scenes when the photographer wants to shoot with ur toes peeping out...
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    Any1 having 2 EG on your AD?

    Ok, no problem... thanks in advance! So when's your wedding dinner? Excited?
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    Any1 having 2 EG on your AD?

    Ok, no problem... thanks in advance! So when's your wedding dinner? Excited?
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    Any1 having 2 EG on your AD?

    wow! your mom will be so touched to get the outfit. So sweet of you... I think I can only go down to TC next month, just before Xmas.... got to travel next week and very busy this month. So your BS is not TC, it's someone else. How come you didn't want to make the mother's outfits at your...
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    Accessories, veils & gloves, etc

    hey, beryberry, am not sure if this is what you are looking for. I sometimes wear dramatic headgear and I've gotten comments on this set as it looks very bridal. Especially the one with the feathered flower. Are you looking for something like this?
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    Combing Hair Session for AD

    vanilla, I think the red thread is to bring the 2 people together.... "hong niang" and "hong xian". I remember seeing somewhere also that if 2 people's hair are tied together with red thread, it's supposed to represent that they will be together forever.
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    Any1 having 2 EG on your AD?

    Hey, ling. I went to check the Ted Collection thread. I saw the pics, but they're of the brides themselves. To me, it's easy to make the bride look good but to do the mothers' gowns requires expertise, since the ladies in question may not be super slim, and can't wear certain designs. Is...
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    Combing Hair Session for AD

    hey did you girls have the must tie red thread in hair thing? I had to tie a red thread in my hair as part of the combing ceremony, and the next morning (on AD), the makeup artist had to remove it, no choice... Vanilla, I also have the pomelo leaves bathing thing.
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    Any1 having 2 EG on your AD?

    I think got to let your peeps know abt ur many outfits, let the hotel/ banquet ac manager know so they can arrange the timing if need be, photographer & videographer know, JMs need to know... Did you manage to get a changing room near the cocktail/banquet area? Ai yeah, dun worry abt the...
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    Combing Hair Session for AD

    oh katherine, I also went thr it... But mine was different from vanilla's. What's same? The combing hair is done on the nite before, do separately at both bride & groom's house, got all the stuff. But groom does it 30 mins before bride. Our chairs have to face the moon aka balcony...
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    1 jiemei only, not good enough?

    Err... actually my JMs and the brothers super no balanced. The brothers plus my HB was 8 ppl, but I only have 4 JMs. I stay in HDB flat, not along the corridor, so I didn't see a point to have so many JMs - no one can see them thr the gate if too many. But think my HB was quite scared of the...
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    Hi hi.... I helping my fren look for part-time cleaner for her office. She's located in the Chinatown area, and they need someone to come in maybe twice or more a week (no need everyday). Can PM me if you have recommendations?