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    Hi Shir, We are not in the same group, I flew in June with a group of 30 pax
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    Hi Shir, interestingly I was also on a guided tour and 1 family in our group also extended their stay (in Tokyo). So it really sets me thinking if we were from the same group. Is it convienent to tell me what was your tour agency and which day you flew?
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    Anyone been to Macau???

    I like Macau, but you probably just need 1 day there. I went to St Paul's, and from there, I just follow the crowd and theres a whole street of shops. You can get their Portuguese egg tart there. The artitecture has some resemblance of Europe cause it used to be under Portugal...
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    Divider at Living Area - Fengshui

    Hi Haw, can send me the pics as well, cause I am also thinking of getting a divider as well [email protected]
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    Calling all Malaysian brides/grooms

    Hi Evelyn, I am looking for someone to help do cartoon animation for me, can you send me the contacts for yours? Can I know how much you pay also? Thanks. [email protected]
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    Armpit sweat

    I liked the anti-perspirant roll at Marks and Spencer. Cause when I lift my arms, there is this sweet smell lingering in the air. But I stopped using cause of the rumours that anti-perspirant cause breast cancer.
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    Paris for honeymoon

    Hi dogdog780, I went to paris for 3.5 days .... I think the gals have more or less given you the must go places. Heres what i did there First day, 1) went to Lorvre purposely to see mona Lisa (Thats the one art piece that I know :p) 2) From the Lorvre, I walk along the Palais Royal...
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    Ang Pow box & gifts for helpers

    hi, Can you email me the link too? Thanks [email protected]
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    Argh!! Lizards!

    I heard once that if you leave some cough mixture on the floor and the lizards managed to drink them, you will find them motionless on the floor the next morning (supposed to be alseep cause it cause drowsiness) so just pick them up and throw them away, think this is less cruel? P.S. never...
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    Hi teatree, thanks ..... you look so lovely. Like your photos a lot cause its not like the ones we have .....
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    hi teatree, can I view your pictures too? [email protected]
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    Carlton Hotel

    hi michelle, Its a good idea to have it on different days. Cause you won't be so tired (imagine waking up very early for makeup and the day ends at 11pm+++ ) You will look more radient and best of all look good in all the photos I had it over 2 days too. And all my guests at the...
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    Park Green

    hi Ron, I am interested. Think your gf also posted in the forum earlier. Whats your selling price?
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    Carlton Hotel

    hi babyvon really? haha ..... I too used 1 of the reserve table. I was glad i got the new setup too cause ..... a bit outdated I feel. The bear was a bonus!!
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    Carlton Hotel

    Hi kk, elaine, think the extra tables you talk abt is the reserve table. if it is not "opened" as in no guest sits there then you don't have to pay. But you have an upexpected turn out and you decide to let some guest sits in that reserve table, then you have to pay the full price for that table
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    Carlton Hotel

    I had 27 + 2 tables
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    Carlton Hotel

    Hi all, all the decorations are done by Carlton ..... I thought it was nicely done up. Don't woory too much. I ran out of photos of the deco ...... :P
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    Carlton Hotel

    a pic from jerrie, but I shrink it... its the new setup of the stage
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    Carlton Hotel