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    Reviews on Malaysia JB Bridal Boutiques

    Hi there, thanks for the great insight! I have also heard stories about Venus Bridal.. so I think I will shortlist both H gallery and SG Bridal! Would you mind sharing with me your package details with SG Bridal? Have you taken your pre-wedding photos yet? My email is [email protected]
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    Reviews on Malaysia JB Bridal Boutiques

    Hi BTBs! I am doing up some research on some bridal boutiques in Malaysia (JB) to make my trip there more worthwhile to go to more places.. I have shortlisted these few boutiques: - H Gallery (Think they are rather new) - Venus Bridal (Heard they can be rather pricey but nice gowns and photos)...
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    Rico A Mona bride

    Hi Ladies, I am planning to go down to Rico to understand more about their packages, would you mind to share with me on your packages too? PM or email me also can - [email protected] Thank you in advance!
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    Any Bridal in JB to recommend?

    Hi! Anyone can share with me on their package for Destino and Castalia? I have just visited them and still indecisive as the both are good at different things. Thanks in advance!
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    Castalia Wedding Gallery

    Hi, anyone able share their package details (2016) from Castalia? my email is [email protected] Thanks in advance!!!